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17 Dec 2011

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Lately when I travel, me and my bored self have resorted to flipping the in-fight duty free magazine. Because there’s no movie or other form of digital entertainments allowed during take-off and landing! The geek that I am actually read every single word describing the products and whenever I get to the fragrance section, I always wonder who the copywriters for all these perfume descriptions are!!?!? Have you ever read them? They all come across as being so dreamy and lovely!

I’d say that describing fragrance has gotta be one of the most challenging jobs ever for a copywriter. Because you have to sell a product that appeals to the sense of smell and the copywriter needs to come up with the right adjectives to conjure a beautiful image or create a fantasy in a consumer’s mind. I am telling you, it is not easy. After all, scent is a very very subjective matter. What looks good in words may not translate the same way in real life.

Speaking of perfume, for years and years, my ‘signature’ fragrance has been Calyx from Prescriptives. Sadly, the company has folded so the perfume is being phased out. :”( Hence, I have started trying out different perfumes and finding a replacement. I’d say that I prefer sweet, fruity and fresh ones. More so than the floral-y, musky ones. Hmm, sorry I can’t quite articulate this very well. Only my nose knows what I mean. :P If you recall, I picked up a couple of new perfumes during my major Sephora haul earlier in the summer, those were nice.

Now I have a new bottle of perfume added to the collection! The lovely folks at sent me a bottle of Incanto Bloom by Salvatore Ferragamo recently as a holiday gift (THANK YOU!). is Singapore’s largest online perfume retailer and stocks a very large variety of perfumes at up to 70% retail price! I thought I’d share a little bit about my holiday gift from them.

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Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bloom

A new story to tell by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Incanto Bloom reveals the fashionable and charming personality of a young, sophisticated metropolitan woman with a desire for the latest in chic. She loves natural beauty and likes to collect and exhibit icons of style such as the Vara bow…the renowned symbol of the pure Ferragamo style and femininity. Incanto Bloom is bright, sophisticated, iconic. Dazzling petals explode into a passionate blooming sensation! The composition encompasses grapefruit blossom, freesia, tea rose, champaka, musk and cashmere.

What do you think? The description of an Incanto Bloom gal fits me to a tee, right? I AM a young, sophisticated metropolitan woman with a desire for the latest in chic!!! }:P Muwahahahaha.

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | Incanto Bloom

I am really happy to receive this perfume. The initial spritz sorta smells like… a fresh summer (whatever that means). Elegant, chic, feminine. Sweet, fruity.

(Riiiight, I won’t be applying for a job as copywriter anytime soon.)

Anyway, I know it can be difficult to find the right ‘signature’ fragrance for yourself; sorta like, uhm, finding the right man? Hur hur hur. Sorry I digress. Back to ‘signature’ fragrance, yes… something that represents who you are, or gives you that extra boost of confidence whenever you put it on, the extra bounce in your step. No one is stopping you from having more than one though. Maybe on weekdays you spritz on one perfume, and on weekend a different one. Perfumes aren’t cheap but you don’t have to break your piggy bank to get them all. How about heading over to to check out their selections? Can’t go wrong with up to 70% off retail prices, ya know?

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About is a Singapore-Based Perfume Online Retailer. is Singapore’s Largest Online Perfume Retailer selling over 90 Brands and counting. offers perfumes, fragrances, skincare and body care products. All products are name brand originals, never knock offs, copies, or expired merchandise. Facebook Page

Oh, by the way you know that trick of sniffing coffee beans in between perfume sampling? Coffee beans are known agents that help to neutralize the perception of scent. In the perfume section of the mall, you will see dishes with coffee beans on it at the counter. After sniffing on a certain scent, you can clear your nose of that perceived scent by taking a whiff of the bean so that you can smell a different kind of perfume again. via

Question for readers: What is your favorite perfume?

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