Jade Nails

17 Dec 2010

I’m beginning to feel the Christmas spirit in the air (about time!) so when I went to groom my nails this week, I opted for a semi pastel-y green shade that is reminiscent of… um, holly and pine?!? I don’t normally go for this color (my default was black for 2009 and eggplant purple for 2010). Somehow when I was staring at the rack of nail polishes, I was involuntarily drawn to the green shades this time.

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Jade nails + Raspberry lips = the perfect disguise to don holiday colors without looking like a X’mas tree! I am happily admiring my nails when I suddenly crack myself up because…

Chanel Nail Color in Jade.

Barry M Nail Paint in Spring Green.

How adorable is this glass ball with a solitary tree inside it? It’s so beautiful!

Green looks so pretty and is appropriate for this time of the year, isn’t it? Just a little over a week before we hit Christmas. Wheeeeeee~

Happy holidays to you and yours. Peace out.



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