Jumping for Jumpsuits!

11 Jun 2011

I’ve been totally digging jumpsuits (also known as rompers) for the last few years or so, in fact if you sell it, I’ll buy it! I think I picked up my first grown-up romper at Bangkok in 2008. Following that, it was difficult to find fashionable jumpsuits in the US until maybe like, the summer after. Prior to that everything that I could find online were more of the Cat Woman, Crocodile Hunter/Safari or Star Trek costume varieties. :| There are so many out there right now (much to my personal delight) and whether it’s casual or chic or funky or high-fashion, low end or high end, there’s something for everyone!

Long or short, puffy or fitted, strapless or sleeved, I think jumpsuits flatter all body types. When it’s worn short, it has a slimming effect (show off ’em legs). When worn long and baggy, they disguise problem areas such as the barrel belly and the junk in the trunk. When it’s worn strapless, it can de-emphasize an oversized rack; conversely with straps, they make flat-chested gals look like they got boobs. Okay, I’m a tad over-generalizing but I think everybody ought to be happy in jumpsuits. It’s the outfit to do cartwheels in, wheeeee~

I personally love the low-maintenance aspect of wearing a jumpsuit or romper. Just put it on and forget about it. No need to think about matching tops and bottoms, or figuring out what colors go together, or what length blouse ought to go with what length skirt or pants, etc. I totally love, love, love wearing them jumpsuits because they are super duper easy peasy outfits (well, okay except when I need to pee).

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Clearly I can go on forever and ever and ever when it comes to jumpsuits. I just can’t get enough of ’em!!! And my eyes are still roaming for more! *_*



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