Kiss Me, Deer

8 Feb 2011

Recently received in the mail:

Doe, a deer… a female deer…

A pair of vintage brass figurines of a deer and a doe. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. (I even love the kitschy mismatched packaging.)

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | Deer

Deer kiss, anyone? ;)

Holla to the new readers who have found their way to this blog recently. I get readers from Köln? Catania? Eksjö? Kaunas? Wow. *MB WAVES*

I had planned to take a better picture of the polka-dot slouchy one-piece dress which is a recent addition to my wardrobe but I didn’t/couldn’t. (You’ve already seen it here anyway.) So I guess you’ll have to settle for this grainy image. ;p

Peace out. *Muahs*



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