Kitty vs. Roomba

24 May 2011

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Hot hot hot.
Humid humid humid.
Kitty is melting into the rug. :|

Are you staying cool?

First meeting between MM and the Roomba. Neither cares much about the other, hence they decide to go separate ways. :p

I totally TOTALLY dig my Roomba. It’s the best thing ever. Because of the voltage difference, I ended up busting the home base charger (US Pet Series Model 562). Plugged it in and BANG!!! Tripped the power and blew a fuse in the apartment too. D’oh!!! Thanks to the wonderful interwebs, I managed to find an online source (Robovac iRobot Store) to modify the charger and my Roomba now works beautifully in SG. The guy even switched out the two-pin plug to a UK 3-pin plug for me! Wooohoooooo! *jumping for joy* (If only there was a similar resource for modifying a KitchenAid mixer, then I would’ve been able to keep my previous KA.)

The Moonberry Blog

Bottomline: I highly recommend getting a Roomba.
Especially if you have a long-haired cat/pet (and she sheds).
Especially if you also have long hair (and you shed). :p



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