Korean Curry with Young Jackfruit

16 Jun 2015

Got around to using the packet of Sour Curry of Tomato & Yogurt I got from Seoul (check out my supermarket spree). Don’t know how to read Korean but managed to whip this together and it turned out delish. Thank gawd for good illustrations with accurate color-coded depictions of the individual packet contents. Details! This post isn’t going to be a recipe post, but more of a pictorial.

This is young jackfruit, which bears a texture similar to bamboo shoots so I decided to add this into the curry. Picked this up in a supermarket in Indonesia and carried it back with me to Singapore.

Threw in some potatoes, pork ribs, and young jackfruit into a pressure cooker.

Had some yogurt in the fridge so I spooned a couple of dollops onto my curry since it’s supposed to be a sour-ish curry. Served and devoured in a jiffy as I was hungry.


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