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5 Mar 2012

Rumor Hotel Las Vegas Addiction

I’ve been losing weight in the last several months, not deliberately or consciously, it just sorta happened. The only way I can explain it is it’s due to lack of appetite and… *sheepish look* inconsistent meal times. But you know, I LOVE FOOD. I really do. Back States-side, I’ve always been surrounded by friends who are foodies and appreciate food very much. In fact, eating out is a favorite activity amongst us Team Moonberry™ members for as long as I can remember! And, as a true food lover ought to be, I enjoy cooking very much too — using different ingredients and checking out new recipes. Anyone wanna come over for dinner sometime? :)

Food is a big part of my life, although at this time not literally visible given my 42kg current weight. }:X

In Singapore, however, eating out and trying out new restaurants don’t seem to be something that I get to partake as often as I’d like to. I don’t know why, maybe the humid weather doesn’t exactly encourage eating (for me personally). Or eating out *sometimes* is a pretentious overpriced affair (again, for me personally) — I mean, I wouldn’t drop let someone drop half a grand for steak and wine for two at some fancy hyped-up celebrity chef joint in town, unless it’s laced with caviar, drenched in truffle oil and dusted with gold leaf or something… just sayin’. :X

However, whenever and wherever I travel, I remain true to my affinity for food and love checking out different joints. I have traveled relatively extensively in the last several years and food has consistently made up a huge part of my travel memories. When I was in Vegas not long ago, I ate at this cute little restaurant called Addiction inside a swanky boutique hotel called Rumor.

Rumor Hotel Las Vegas Addiction

Addiction Restaurant at Rumor is a truly unique Las Vegas restaurant. This sleek modern venue serves classic dishes with a twist. The menu is tapas-style, which means it comes in small plates, which also means it goes down perfectly for my bird-like eating fashion (ie. small stomach capacity).

Rumor Hotel Las Vegas Addiction

I enjoy tapas-style menus a lot, because it’s always nice to have choices (read: I am greedy and wanna have it all, kekeke). With small plates, I get to try a handful of different dishes, served at bite-sized portions. The best of both worlds, yeay. ^^

Rumor Hotel Las Vegas Addiction
Short and Sweet: Seared then braised, eight-hour short ribs with sweet potato puree, crispy potato strings, smoked salt and wild honey port-burgundy sauce.

Rumor Hotel Las Vegas Addiction
Black Cod Tostada: Black vod, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and lime cilantro remoulade on crispy wonton. (FYI, pico de gallo is da bomb!!! I love love love it.)

Rumor Hotel Las Vegas Addiction
Warm Mozz-Tomatoes & Pistachio Pesto, Caprese Salad: Baked creamy mozzarella, tomatoes with a pistaschio pesto and balsamic vinaigrette.

Rumor Hotel Las Vegas Addiction
Kobe Slider: Kobe beef, maple bacon, crispy onions, house sauce on a toasted sweet roll.

Singapore's Hottest Celebrity Blogger | Las Vegas Addiction
Happy as a clam. :D :D :D Everything was delish and portion-appropriate!

Rumor Hotel Las Vegas Addiction
I would seriously totally go back to eat at Addiction again if I can. I can’t get over the braised short ribs with sweet potato puree. It was really very good. Mmmmmm~

The magic of 2012 continues…

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