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13 May 2012

When I was younger, I had this morbid fascination about the seeing the gunk that gets removed from our faces, for example, squeezing that nasty throbbing angry zit and having the satisfaction of all that pus squirt out onto tissue paper. I guess I still do. Don’t we all? The same goes for the stubborn blackheads and excess sebum that seem to love clinging onto our noses. There is an unspoken glee upon seeing these icky stuff visibly coming off our faces.

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Today I am sharing with you the Leaders Clinic Sulfur Clinic Blackhead Suction Nose Pack that as the product name suggests, contains sulfur and charcoal. These two ingredients are excellent for exfoliating, refining pores and to yank the blackheads and whiteheads outta their cozy plugs (ie. our noses).

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The first step is to wet your nose and the area around it. Don’t use too much water because this will end up dissolving the ingredients onto your skin and not only will you have to wait for a very long time for the nose strip to dry, you may also end up with a messy sticky black nose.

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Because the product contains charcoal, the Leaders Clinic nose strip is black. One of the earliest nose strips that we’re all familiar with are white, but I think black is a really great idea because it’s easier to spot the dirty result afterwards.

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My blackheads/whiteheads usually like to congregate around the sides of the nose, in the folds. So it is important to pay extra attention to this area and press the nose strip in so that it hugs the valleys in this area.

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Give it about ten to fifteen minutes for the Leaders Clinic nose strip to dry.

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AHA! The moment of satisfaction upon seeing the dirt and sebum plugs on the nose strip. Uhm, it doesn’t look like I have a lot this time (this pathetic ‘harvest’ is rather disappointing, hahaha), but nonetheless I did spot a few teeny tiny ones.

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Don’t forget to use the Leaders Clinic Pore Stamping Serum afterwards, as this helps to tighten the pores. I think if your nose is very oily, you can use this 2-3 times a week. Otherwise once a week of this should be adequate.

FYI, as of 2013 Leaders Clinic has been renamed renamed as Beauty Clinic and the essential range is available at selected SaSa, Guardian and BHG outlets, while the 2-step range is available at Sephora ION and MBS, in addition to the aforementioned places. Find out more about these products on the Beauty Clinic Facebook page.

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