Madame Adolf

5 Feb 2011

Recently spotted:

A curious-looking moustached cat, whom I have nicknamed Madame Adolf. She was spotted catnapping on the steps in front of a row of shophouses, enjoying a balmy afternoon at Duxton Hill. Funny I ran into her just after posting a stylefile roundup on moustaches not that long ago.

She is such an approachable and friendly kitty. Clearly she loves attention and readily plopped over sideways giving me the belly (an invitation for petting – see below on how to pet a kitty).

She started fidgeting around and grooming herself, as if she was aware of the camera pointing towards her. Hehehe! j/k.

By the way, I have been severely disturbed and HORRIFIED by newspaper reports and friends’ accounts of how stray cats in Singapore are tortured, hurt, injured and whatnot. It pisses me off greatly, but it is a reality that ignorant people out there need to be educated and informed about treating animals (stray or otherwise) humanely. I am happy to have recently stumbled upon this Facebook group which promotes a positive message about being compassionate towards stray cats. And the name of this FB group? CatMolester. Puwahahahaha!!!

JOIN! LIKE! SHARE! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! (And yes, I am a cat molester. So should you because stray cats need love too.) And if you’re gonna pet a cat (stray or otherwise), read and enjoy this Oatmeal comic beforehand: How to pet a kitty. It’s so funny, but true. I know so as I’m a kitty mommy. ;p


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