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30 Apr 2012

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I’ve eating and drinking a lot of dragon fruit lately. Yes, that is correct…. I drink it too. I’m excited to share with you a new product made from red dragon fruit, which as we know is a superfood. This product is Madelin Red Dragon Fruit Collagen Drink.

But first let me tell you about the first time I came across and ate dragon fruit. I was visiting Singapore back in 2000 and the hotel I stayed at (Hyatt) had a fruit basket in the room with dragon fruits in it. I was naturally intrigued and called room service right away to order a knife so that I can cut the fruit open and start eating it. It looks hip and it tastes hip. If you have never tried a dragon fruit before, the best I know how to describe it is it’s sorta like fleshy like a kiwi with lots of black seeds. It has a very subtle sweetness and very very juicy.

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There, I managed to dig out the photo of my first meeting with dragon fruit. This photo dates aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll the way back from 2000, jeebuz! Please pardon the goofy expression. :P

There are several varieties of dragon fruit, it turns out…. White, red and yellow (I recently discovered yellow, which turns out to be really a rare variety). I used to eat the white only but have recently converted after learning more about the red dragon fruit. The red dragon fruit reportedly is extremely rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3 and C, compared to the white variety. It also contains carotene and rich in calcium, while the red pigment known as betanin (also found in red beets) is an antioxidant. So the red dragon fruit is one kickass superfood and there are indeed many health benefits that can be derived from its consumption.

The best part, for me personally, is that it is high in fiber content so heh heh heh, that really helps to smooth things a whole lot for me. Ahem. }:) It is very comforting (in more ways than one) to know that dragon fruit helps to excrete heavy metal toxins from the body due to its high water soluble fiber content. And because I don’t go to the market often enough to get the actual fruit, I am really happy that this source of healthy vitamins and awesome goodness now comes in the form of a bottled drink — the red dragon fruit collagen drink from Madelin.

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Madelin Red Dragon Fruit Collagen Drink is a marine collagen drink developed specifically for skin beauty, muscle and bone health as well as strengthening hair and nails. This collagen drink is scientifically formulated and designed using the skin beauty and technology to provide rapid absorption by skin cells and penetrate deep into dermis to stimulate new skin collagen cells development. A significant improvement of skin firmness, radiant skin appearance and diminishing of wrinkles will take effect after consuming Madeline Red Dragon Fruit Collagen Drink within a short period of time.

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I think we don’t need anymore introduction as to why we need to replenish the collagen in our system, and that collagen is essential for keeping our skin supple. This collagen drink from Madelin contains red dragon fruit pulp and seeds, so in addition to all of its antioxidant goodness, that means fiber too which hey, that totally sits super well with me and my digestive system. I also like that there is no sugar added to this collagen drink and it’s preservative-free.

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This product is very new in the market so you won’t be able to find it at the supermarkets or pharmacies yet. I got to sample it only at the recent Food and Hotel Asia 2012 Expo that took place last week. At the moment, the Madelin Red Dragon Fruit Collagen Drink is only available online, so order yours at the Love Red Dragon website.

Btw, since this is a new product, hurry and join their Facebook page to stay up to date for promotions and such. Take it from me, when it comes to collagen drinks and collagen supplements, it’s best to stock up so discounts must definitely be taken advantage of!

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While I was at the FHA 2012 Expo, I took photos at the cheerfully pink booth set up by the friendly red dragon fruit people. Check out all the photos (including other interesting products from this manufacturer, which I will blog about separately) on my Facebook page →

Red dragon fruit is ZE BESTEST!!! *rawr* Yup yup, I am drinking this collagen drink daily and I’d like to think that it is helping me to detox. I highly recommend it. :)


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