24 Feb 2011

With all the moving and traveling going on recently (read: unstable, not grounded, transitory, neither here nor there), I’ve sent the little furball on a vacation and temporarily entrusted her in the care of a good friend. Ohhhhh, how I’ve missed my kitty cat. I hadn’t seen her in weeksssssss until this afternoon when I had to send her to the groomer. Her hair’s growing out and as you know in this tropical weather, it’s not much fun wearing a fur coat.

Long time no see, babycakes! Have you missed Mommy? ☺ ☺ ☺

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At this point when the last two photos were taken, her hair was flying all over the place and I was beginning to eat some of it. -__- Off to the groomer STAT!!! ✄ ✄ ✄

She gets the full treatment whenever she’s at the pet grooming salon. Shampoo, cut, blowdry, ear cleaning, manicure, pedicure. I’d do it for her myself but she tends to get all feisty on me, so I leave it to the professionals. It’s like a spa day for her at the salon and she gets manhandled pampered from head to tail. ^^ I’m sure she feels like a million bucks after all that grooming. Even *I* can feel that she’s a gazillion times more comfy after a good shampoo and haircut. Who wouldn’t?

Anyhoo, as always I’m tickled by this funny comic from the Oatmeal. Matt always gets the cat references spot-on. Enjoy and toodles!




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