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20 Oct 2011

When I was in Paris recently during Paris Fashion Week, I went into a Dior boutique and one of the dresses from the Winter 2011 couture collection caught my eye. Just for kicks, I decided to try it on and ZOMGGGGGG~ it fitted me like a dream. :9~~~

COUTURE. Omigod…

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Here’s the dream dress which I tried on. It’s a cocktail dress made of gradated ruffles in sorbet colors of pale peach and greyish light blue. I think the material is silk-satin. Sorry, I admit I was somewhat giddy as soon as I tried it on because it was soooooo beautiful. The ruffles flounced playfully and elegantly when I moved in the dress.

Hawt damn. I guess this is the difference between off-the-rack and limited-edition couture outfits. I can’t articulate it well, but there is definitely a difference. The way it hugged my body in all the right places and produced flattering curves. Yeah, money can definitely buy you that. ;P

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This is what the dress looked like on the runway model during the fashion show. Incidentally, the Winter 2011 collection is also the last collection designed by John Galliano (before he was removed from position due to his scandal).

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There are only a handful of these outfits available, as each Dior boutique in Paris only carries one or two pieces each. Every ruffle has been handstitched, so the production of this dress is a laborious process. Oh, it’s seriously fucking drop-dead gorgeous!!!

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The best part about this dress is, no major alteration was needed! Look at that, this dress was totally made for me or what?!? :P :P :P It had my name written all over it and was just waiting for me to pick it up, bring it home. Playful yet glam.


I went back to the boutique twice, nearly handed my credit card to buy it but walked away with an empty hand each time because I needed to think about it a little bit more. The Dior staff was sweet enough to offer to send the box over to my hotel room, instead of me trekking down all over town hauling this gigantic box of a couture dress. In the end however, I had to painfully make the decision *NOT* to bring this dress home because it would have cost me one month’s mortgage!!! >_< I think I sorta could afford it, but it’s also the equivalent of five more roundtrip airfares to Paris yo. I kinda don’t think blowing all of it on a dress would be the wisest choice. Eesh!

So it’s been about three weeks now, and I’m *still* coveting that dress. Of course there’s no way I can get it now because I’ve left Paris. Plus, as I’ve said before, there’s only a handful of these dresses available anywhere so it will take a miracle for me to ever come upon it again. :”(

Au revoir, Dior dream dress.

If there is a good (and rich) Samaritan out there who wants to buy me the dress though, I will gladly accept…. Size 36, thanks. }:p Hahahaha!!!

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Still on the subject of glamorous outfit, I was thinking about diamond body-dresses the other day. We all remember Britney Spears’ diamond body-dress in her Toxic music video – sooooo hawt, right?

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The original concept, worn by Diana Ross back in the 70s.

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Britney’s version, 2004.

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