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11 Mar 2011

Last year, my sweet gal pals gave me some gift certificates as birthday present and they had been sitting around for twelve months. Seeing that they were two days away from expiring (I’m SO last minute), I quickly went to the kitchen supplies store where the gift certificates were issued from and picked me up a new KitchenAid stand mixer. Every kitchen needs a KitchenAid stand mixer! Heaven knows I’d been itching to get a KA for a long time, even though this wouldn’t be my first; due to voltage differences, my original mixer in NY could not work in Singapore so I had to leave it behind. A whole lot of new colors had been added since the last time I bought a KA in 2003, so I did my homework in studying all the colors available presently (in other stores, on the internet, in catalogs). Oddly I had a hard time deciding on the color which I like best this time; analysis-paralysis as usual when faced with too many choices ~ hahaha. Like, the colors were all either very plain or too pastel-y or a little short in the saturation department. The kitchen supplies store where I had to redeem my gift certificates only had the KA in black, white, red, pale pink and butter yellow. So I guess that made my decision-making easier for me and I finally settled on …… *DRUMROLLS*…….. the white in the end.



But, but, but, that is so un-Moonberry™!


Yah yah, I know. Definitely way dull for my vibrant personality (heh!) but nonetheless a safe choice, I reckoned. After all, I love white living spaces, white furnishings, white home decor, white accessories. Can’t go wrong with white. Can’t go wrong with white, uh huh.

BUT THEN! I had a MEGA WTF moment when I found out, within just 36 hours of acquiring my white KA, that a bunch of even newer colors were introduced at the 2011 International Home and Housewares Show recently. As bloody recently as the same week I got my white KA. And one of the new colors is this show-stopping, super sexy, hot pink color named Raspberry Ice. What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkk. I mean, hellooo where the heck was THIS punchy color when I was doing homework? I’d have -totally- gone for Raspberry Ice, ya know!!!? :*( Friggin’ even the descriptive name is as sassy as the new color itself. Damnit!!!!! *gwa gwa gwa gwa*

Oh well, I thought I’d introduce you all to my new white KA anyway. She’s quite a darling actually, but I’m going to warn you first that she can be quite self-absorbed at times. I may adorn her with some bling later down the road, puwahahahahahaha! ;) Just kiiiiiiidding.

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