Nude Heels and Chloé Striped Leather Dress

6 Apr 2012

I’m generally apathetic when it comes to heels. Blame it on my high-arched feet that always lead to cramped shins whenever I wear heels. My gf, Mong Jie, often made fun of me because whenever she sees me, I’m always wearing the same pair of Crocs (which have since been replaced by FitFlops, btw). So you can say that I stick to the one pair of shoes sandals since they are so comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I do drool at shoes from time to time, I have a shoe closet that’s full and I do own many pairs of shoes/sandals. But it’s impractical and often too stressful for me to wear heels. Whenever I’m about to go out and open the shoe closet, I pretty much reach for the same good ole’ pair by default. And at the moment, that’d be my pair of FitFlops. :P Sure, I try to wear different shoes (platforms, preferably) from time to time but if they aren’t sandals, then I will pack a pair of flip-flops in a bag for backup in case the painful cramps hit. Mahfan, right?

Either way, I’m recently obsessed with nude heels. Not for any particular reason other than they are so versatile to match a lot of different outfits with, thanks to the neutral color. Also because I’m not very fair to begin with, I can see the soft skin-colored shade complementing my tanned legs. So I begin to ogle at these nude heels online, but that’s about as far as my obsession goes because it’s not likely I will go buy a pair. I can buy, but probably won’t wear… :X Just admiring from afar. ^^

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Is #6 badass or what!?!? :9~

And while we’re on this nude color, if this Striped Nappa Leather and Poplin Dress by Chloé isn’t one-of-a-kind gorgeous, then I don’t know what is! The soft leather in rich caramel shade looks beautiful with the soft beige stripes.
*droolz* I’d so totally get it.

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