Roll Roll Roll with Oseque High End Touch Roller Foundation

14 Oct 2015


Oséque High End Touch Roller Foundation

Presently taking this High End Touch foundation, from Korean brand Oséque, on a test drive. This is a foundation and multi-skincare product in one cool bottle featuring a roller applicator that provides hands-free application.

Oséque High End Touch Roller Foundation

Oséque High End Touch Roller Foundation

This product is housed in a luxe-looking container, reminiscent of Chanel, even though the Oséque High End Touch foundation cost less than US$20. The foundation formula contains extracts from plants and fermented nutrients to keep skin moist and hydrated from within, so it’s not drying. That’s expected, since Korean makeup is all about the dewy glowy look. Additionally the High End Touch foundation also reduces wrinkles, brightens skin, blocks UV rays, restores elasticity and glow to skin.

Not that I’m advocating skipping the prerequisite skincare routine altogether before applying any makeup (I’ve become a convert ever since I began using CNP), but this foundation contains an entire bottle of essence/serum for reinforced nourishment, so it’s ideal for lazy busy people who don’t have the time to dedicate an entire morning to a lengthy routine of skincare products application. Everyone’s bound to have days like that. Such as, when you stay overnight at your boyfriend’s place and don’t want to pack an entire suitcase of skincare products but still need to rejoin society the next day. YKWIM~

Oséque High End Touch Roller Foundation

How to use Oseque High End Touch foundation: After basic skin care, press the switch on the side of the bottle and roll the applicator puff all over face to apply evenly.

I’m not too thrilled by the coverage of this roller foundation, it’s not as good as my Laneige BB Cushion compact. As you can see above, mi eyebags are still quite obvious. Then again this is an actual liquid foundation and not a BB cream which tends to be thicker and more pigmented – or is it supposed to be other way around!? As with most liquid foundations, you’d need to pair that with a concealer of sorts to address spot problem areas on the face like dark eye circles and whatnots. If the look you’re going for is a (faux) fresh-looking face, then this product is good for that. Those looking for a flawless coverage, move on to something else.

On the plus side, I notice that the roller puff feels superbly cooling on the skin during application and that’s ultra inviting in Singapore’s humid weather. And in spite of the humidity, this foundation also lasts all day. Wish the SPF is higher though as I prefer SPF50 PA++. When I use this foundation, it’s like giving my face a quick lifting massage too since I’m rolling the applicator roller puff all around the face and that feels really nice. Remember to always roll upwards.

There are two shades available: #21 for light-toned skin and #23 for medium-toned skin. When it comes to Korean makeup, specifically foundation or BB cream, I’m a #23 which also happens to be the darkest shade in the Korean skin tone spectrum wtf, what there are no tan people in Korea!? This reminds me of the time when my friend was visiting from Taipei and I brought her to Sephora since there are no Sephora stores in Taiwan. She was pointing out the medium to dark shades of foundations and BB creams from major international brands in surprise, because according to her in Taiwan only very fair and light shades are available at makeup counters. Now I know there are tan people in Taiwan, so then what – they don’t put on makeup coz they can’t find shades that blend with their skin tones!?

Oséque High End Touch Roller Foundation

Wearing Stila Convertible Color in Peony on cheeks, Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Mr. Rouge, M.A.C. Eye Shadow Velvet Black Tied as eyeliner, and Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Microfinish Powder dusted all around.

Oséque High End Touch Roller Foundation

Oséque High End Touch roller foundation can be purchased here (US).

They see me rollin’,
They hatin’,


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  1. Mandy says:

    Is there a before and after photo maybe? Like the one you did with Etude?

  2. Miami Yturiaga says:

    I really this roll foundation. But it was phase out already
    From the online shop where my niece bought it before.
    Where can we purchase this. Please help. We need to purchase.
    Thank you.

  3. nina pupella says:

    i like your product but how i get your product? im stay at indonesia

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