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17 Jul 2011

The Moonberry Blog Oxygen Bubble Mask

Gosh, my bathroom shelf is packed these days with plenty bottles and containers of face washes, lotions, masks, eye creams and all the crazy skincare and beauty maintenance schtuff that all of us ladies have going for us. :p I’m using this bottle of Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask from The Nature Lab this weekend. Been feeling like my face is on the dull side lately so I’m amping up the skincare regime.

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So the thing with oxygen is…. when our skin lacks oxygen, premature aging occurs (YIKES!!!). Most of us misunderstood it as normal aging process. Premature aging causes our skin to be dull and unhealthy. Oh hells no, I refuse to age prematurely! Oxygen plays an important role in our skin cell for repairing, regeneration and reproduction. With adequate amounts of oxygen, our skin will be healthier and be able to effectively absorb the nutrients and essence that we apply. It will also speeds up the shedding of old skin cells and aid skin cell rejuvenation giving us a youthful look.

The Moonberry Blog Oxygen Bubble Mask

This mask is really quite cute. I use it as a quick pick-me-up type of thing, especially during lazy days when I don’t want to spend 20 minutes putting on a sheet mask. I like the smell of this oxygen mask, it’s a fresh clean scent. The cute thing about this mask is it pumps out like a diluted gel, which you spread onto dry face. Within seconds, bubbles starts forming onto the surface and it gives this tingly fizzy feeling which is nice. I imagine the little fizzies working hard to ‘scrub’ out the pores, kinda like one of those bubbling kitchen cleaner tv commercial. Massage the bubbles lightly into the face and leave it alone for about 15 seconds, before massaging it again with slightly wet hands. After another 15 seconds or so, rinse off the mask completely with warm water.

The Moonberry Blog Oxygen Bubble Mask

What the mask leaves behind is a velvety-soft-to-the-touch and smooth face which feels tightened. This mask instantly brightens the complexion and the whole process really doesn’t take more than 5 minutes tops. Usually I start putting it on before I hope into the shower, and then rinse it off during. It couldn’t get any easier and quicker. The mask totally perks up my skin.

The Moonberry Blog Oxygen Bubble Mask

I think it’s beneficial to put on the oxygen mask often because I can’t imagine how dirty my face get from all the pollution outdoors. Sometimes I feel that just using a facial cleanser doesn’t get rid of the all that gunk (makeup, oil, impurities, environmental pollution, etc) completely. What I like most about this product is the squeaky clean feeling it leaves afterwards.

The Moonberry Blog Oxygen Bubble Mask

I’ve been to some spas where they also have an oxygen treatment but the process involves a cool stream of oxygen being sprayed all over the face for about 5 minutes or so. It is a very luxe experience so naturally that doesn’t come cheap. There’s also oxygen bars, which I personally have never been to. Now I can recreate the same effect of feeding oxygen into my face by using this bubbling mask at home. And I can do it without breaking the bank! ^^

Question for readers: Have anyone been to an oxygen bar before?

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