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1 Jul 2011

Dinosaur-years ago I was involved in an advertising campaign for New York Lottery and the concept was “If I Had A Million Dollars…”.

Isn’t that a really nice thought? We can all use a million dollars, can’t we? :p While you ponder that, here’s sharing some fab finds caught on my latest radar.

Singapore Top Art and Design Blog

1. You’ve Got Nail Stickers in Op Art, 2. , You’ve Got Nail Stickers in Dotted Cherry, 3. Dachshund Lamp, 4. Cat Lamp, 5. Feathered Friends Pocket Planner, 6. Positivity Glass

The Moonberry Blog
1. Nothing Is Real But Dreams and Love Screenprint, 2. Good Morning Gorgeous Print, 3. Cat On Chair Watercolor Art Print

The Moonberry Blog
1. Gone to Ping Pong Necklace, 2. Go Cabanas Earrings, 3. Corked Necklace in Color Wheel, 4. A Little Colorful Bird Print, 5. Sticks of Shame Tee on Threadless, 6. Lourdes Sánchez Whales Pillow Cover, 7. New York Art Print by Andrea Laliberte

Oh, if I have a million dollars what will I be spending it on? Hmmm. I don’t really know how quickly it takes to spend a million dollars; it kinda doesn’t feel like a lot of money these days anyway because everything is so grossly expensive. But I do harbour a secret wish of one day being able to build a kitty shelter that’s fashioned like a posh hotel, complete with butler service and spa treatments, etc. Kekeke~ like a luxe feline haven. Yeah, kickass ideas like that need serious moolah… so that’s where my million dollars will go to if I am a millionaire.

Have a fantastic weekend, y’all! :)

Question for readers: If you have a million dollars, how will you spend it?

The Moonberry Blog


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