Recipe :: Bloody Mary Jelly Shots

27 Mar 2016

More for-grown-ups-only jelly shots fun in the kitchen!

I’m quite taken by Bloody Mary these days, although I must admit I was never quite drawn to the cocktail before. In the recent couple of years though, I find that this salty spicy sultry umami-ladden cocktail kicked up by a splash of worchestershire sauce and tabasco, served in a tall cold glass no less, hits all the right spot, especially on balmy clammy humid evenings or on sunny weekend mornings with a plate of eggs on the brunch table. Funny how palates change and shift as the years go by, huh?

For the latest #cocktailculture party at mi casa, I made these Bloody Mary Jelly Shots and discovered that the original cocktail is a love-it-or-hate-it item amongst my pals, and not everyone enjoy it. The ones who are fans of the cocktail gave this iteration thumbs-up and if you love Bloody Mary too, you’ll want to check out the recipe for these devilish jelly shots.

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Bloody Mary Jelly Shots

200 ml tomato juice
1/3 cup citrus-flavored vodka
3 teaspoons konkyaku jelly powder
salt and pepper
worchestershire sauce
tabasco sauce
celery stick, for garnish
cherry tomato, for garnish

In a saucepan, combine tomato juice, konkyaku powder, salt, worchestershire sauce and tabasco sauce. Stir over medium heat, until konkya powder is fully dissolved. Allow mixture to cool down slightly then add vodka and pepper. Stir well and pour into small cups or shot glasses. Allow to set overnight in a refrigerator and garnish with celery stick and cherry tomatoes.

Shoot responsibly. ;) Recipe above yields 10 servings.

For this Bloody Mary Jelly Shots recipe, I used tomato juice from Daiso. $2 for two cans! Gotta love that place.

Bloody Mary Jelly Shots by The Moonberry Blog

Bloody Mary Jelly Shots by The Moonberry Blog

Bloody Mary Jelly Shots by The Moonberry Blog

Bloody Mary Jelly Shots by The Moonberry Blog

Bloody Mary Jelly Shots

Do you know why Bloody Mary is often seen on brunch menus? It’s interesting to share that this cocktail is a common “hair of the dog” drink, reputed by some to cure hangovers due to its combination of a heavy vegetable base (to settle the stomach), salt (to replenish lost electrolytes) and alcohol (to relieve head and body aches). Its reputation as a restorative beverage contributes to the popularity of the Bloody Mary in the morning and early afternoon, especially with brunch. I’d thought Bloody Mary was just an excuse to have a drink disguised as veggie juice in the morning!

When the theory of “hair of the dog” was first suggested to me by a friend, I laughed my head off at how ludicrously funny the idea is. I really thought it was a joke, until after a little too much of drinking too much – we talking abt volume and frequency here, I’ve come to now appreciate and personally/fully embrace the idea.

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In case you’ve missed it, I made Lychee Martini Jelly Shot for the previous #cocktailculture party.


PS: Took me three bloody tries to get this entry logged onto WP; not sure what was going on as the first two editions I wrote got swallowed up into the mysterious dark interwebz space causing me to rewrite again, and again, then again one more time. WTF O_o!? My nerves are frayed. This definitely calls for jelly shots.

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