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17 Aug 2015

Honey Butter Chips Recipe

Honey Butter Chips is a wildly popular snack that’s overtaken all of South Korea for over a year now. Launched in August 2014, it totally blew up in popularity and caused a supply shortage. It has been sold out for months and there is an actual Honey Butter Craze phenomena that’s not letting up either.

A bag of Honey Butter Chips from original manufacturer Haitai-Calbee Co. is pretty much impossible to score, even a year later (ie. today). This elusive snack has spawned black market globally, fetching as high as 50 times its original price on eBay. There are even folks selling the empty bags online for those who want to have a whiff of the salty-sweet buttery aroma – and insanely enough, there are buyers! O_O

Snacking on crispy crunchy chips coated in buttery-sweet glaze does sound pretty good, eh? So I rolled up my sleeves for this DIY recipe that will satisfy your munchies.

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The potato chips recipe is adapted from Bon Appetit magazine. It suggests soaking the thinly-sliced potato chips in vinegar water to give it more crunch. These homemade potato chips turned out crazy crispy and it must be from the vinegar water soak. Hear it for yourself at the end of the video. ;P

Slicing the potato paper thin using a mandolin helps too. Every kitchen needs a mandolin! I use this OXO Good Grips Hand-held Mandolin Slicer (I just got it recently) and it’s awesome. I have another much larger mandolin which I’ve gotten injured from a few times when using it coz it’s suuuuper sharp and I get clumsy sometimes. In comparison, I am enjoying my new OXO mandolin better now as it’s more compact and the rubber grip makes it so much easier to handle.

Honey Butter Chips Recipe

Honey Butter Chips Recipe

Honey Butter Chips

1½ pounds russet potatoes
½ cup white vinegar
6 cups water
Vegetable oil (for frying; about 8 cups)
100 g salted butter
4 tablespoons honey

Slice potatoes about ⅛” thick with a mandoline. Place in a large bowl, add cold water to cover, and stir to release starch; drain. Repeat until water runs clear. Return potatoes to bowl; cover with ½ cup distilled white vinegar and 6 cups water. Let sit at least 30 minutes or up to 2 hours. Drain; pat dry.

Fit a medium heavy pot with thermometer; pour in oil to measure 4”. Heat over medium-high until thermometer registers 300°.

Working in 6 batches and returning oil to 300° between batches, fry potatoes, turning occasionally to cook evenly, until golden brown and crisp (oil will have quit bubbling), about 5 minutes per batch. Using a spider or slotted spoon, transfer to a paper towel–lined wire rack. Potatoes can be fried 6 hours ahead. Keep at room temperature.

To make Honey Butter seasoning: Melt butter in a saucepan, add honey and stir to mix well. Add potato chips and toss gently until well coated. Serve IMMEDIATELY.

Adapted from Bon Appetit magazine

Honey Butter Chips Recipe

Honey Butter Chips Recipe

These homemade honey butter chips are outta-this-world crispy and the salty-sweet glaze is dangerously addictive. By the way, has these Honey Butter Chips at S$24 for three packets. I’m happy with my homemade recipe for now. Try making these at home too and lemme know what you think?



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