Rider’s Cafe

20 Feb 2010

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Brunch at Rider’s Cafe! It’s a cafe situated by this area called Turf City, where there are horse stables (I think… but hey, what do I know? I’m just a tourist!). The ambiance is generally quite pleasant. Being in an al fresco setting, surrounded by lush greens is always relaxing and enjoyable.

Interior: Al fresco, old-time colonial style.

Interior: Pretty roomy, with ample standing room area by the bar.

I spotted something that totally jumped out at me on the menu: Pancakes!!! As you know, I’ve been craving it for several weeks now.

The Afternoon Tea offerings look so appetizing too. I’d love to go back for some tea and read a book while nibbling on Citrus Prawn Skewers. MmMmMmmmmMmmmmm….. :9

My pancakes! They were light, fluffy and just the right amount (although I didn’t quite finish it all; trying to curb my food intake – ahem). Definitely did not disappoint and it totally hit the spot for me.

Spotted this silver beauty with blonde hair. What a stunning horse!  The air in this place is sorta reminiscent of Central Park and 60th Street corner… You gotta kinda block out the poo smell mentally.

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