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8 Jul 2011

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Bikini and short shorts season is here, gals. Anything I can get my hands on to look more svelte, I’m willing to try! These last several days, I’ve been using the Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub and Body Cream Extra Strength Trial Kit.

The main thing I liked about this kit is how nice the products smell. Very refreshing fragrance, kinda fruity and faintly sweet. Really pleasant… summer-y, you can say. The Body Cream, used after the InchLoss Shower Scrub, goes on silky and moisturizes my skin. The box these came in says lose 1/2″ in 7 days; who doesn’t want that? :) :) :) So thinking it’s just like a regular body lotion (and my skin needs to quench its thirst), I slathered the Body Cream on my thighs, abdomen and upper arms.

My oh my, they aren’t kidding about the Extra Strength. Because quite soon I started feeling my skin getting warm all over. But the interesting part is, the skin itself was not very hot to the touch. But the sensation of heat, on the other hand, was definitely present. So much so that my asscheeks in particular felt like they were hanging out over the top of a bbq grill, especially when I’m seated. It’s a slow but lasting heat which gradually intensifies.The heat made me imagine that the products are working overtime burning away all the fatty flubber beneath the skin.

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What are these products? What are they supposed to do?

InchLoss Shower Scrub
A revolutionary product that promotes blood and oxygen circulation while showering for a smoother, firmer and slimmer looking body. It also encourages rapid cell renewal to improve skin tone and texture.

InchLoss Body Cream
An exclusive formula that creates a heat sensation to burn away fats in the tummy area, thighs and arms for a slimmer looking silhouette. This highly moisturising, non-greasy formula also penetrates quickly to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and firm.

What are the ingredients? Which areas should they be applied at?

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I should’ve taken measurements before I started using this product, but I didn’t think of it until later and by then I had started using the product. Therefore I don’t have a comparison, although I’m pretty sure my arms appear trimmer after using this product. Nonetheless, these are my measurements after using the product. One day in the future (whether I’ve gotten thinner or chubbier), I will refer to this blog entry again as a point of reference.

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Upper Arm = 22.5 cm

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Thigh = 43.5 cm

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Tummy = 73.5 cm

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So I got to thinking how this product can be quite effective for days when I experience bloatedness and water retention. On those days, I feel like there’s a water barrel around my waist. Yucks! And you know when that usually take place? Yeps, during PMS-stricken days. I figure this Extra Strength Body Cream will be perfect for taking care of water retention *AND* the heat sensation can soothe abdominal cramps at the same time. Double-duty! I like!

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With Increased Heat Sensation to Firm Skin & Burn Fats Faster!

Now there’s no more excuses not to have a svelte and sexy summer. ;)

Question for readers: Which body part do you wish to slim down on?


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