Shine Necklace by Yuki Mitsuyasu

2 Sep 2012

Excited-ness, excited-ness, mega mega excited-ness!!! I am super duper psyched to finally receive my Shine necklace by Yuki Mitsuyasu.

Yuki Mitsuyasu Shine | The Moonberry Blog

This is a really special and ultra cool necklace, I will tell you why.

Yuki Mitsuyasu Shine | The Moonberry Blog

The first time I spotted this necklace was at Blueprint Emporium 2012. At first glance it already looked super cool to me. But what makes this Shine necklace even more awesome is the way the clasp comes together. In fact there is no actual clasp per say, as the necklace’s pendant is the bonding that secures this necklace together!

This necklace is part of Yuki Mitsuyasu‘s Shine collection and it is characterized by two hearts. Each symbolizing a person. Each bold and unique from the other. Together though, they realize something brighter than if they were apart. On the Shine necklace, the two hearts come together to complete the clasp and pendant as a star.

“When you choose your partner, his religion, nationality, or wealth does not matter;
be with someone who lets you shine, then he is a man worth being with.”
– Toshiyuki Mitsuyasu

Awww… how beautifully poetic that is. And seriously, I am a total sucker for design concepts like these.

Yuki Mitsuyasu Shine | The Moonberry Blog

This is how the necklace looks like when it’s separated and before it’s clasped together. You insert one end of the pendant into the opening of the other one, and there is a tiny magnet that holds the two parts together. It’s really so meaningful and pretty. Even the jewelry box that houses the Shine necklace has a thoughtful design element to it also. I want to cry.

Yuki Mitsuyasu Shine | The Moonberry Blog

Yuki Mitsuyasu Shine | The Moonberry Blog

Yuki Mitsuyasu‘s Shine collection has been Awarded Best New Product at International Jewellery London 2008. The collection is very simple but it’s just so… so… (temporary loss for words)… goshdarn-friggin-awesomely-bloody-beautiful-max!!! Simple, meaningful, thoughtful design…. garrhh, GENIUS I tell you. GENIUS!

You can buy the Shine necklace or other jewelry in the collection online. I got mine thru Zalora but I snagged the last piece already and it doesn’t appear to be restocked anytime soon. Hehehe, sorry. The Yuki Mitsuyasu online store is still an option for you though if you wanna get one. (Actually please order me the Odd Pair Drapery Star Earrings too, that’s the next piece I’m eyeing, kekeke.) *dreamy sigh*

Speaking of Zalora shopping, I bought a few other items as well — a couple of leather bracelets and a pair of pyramid earrings.

Zalora | The Moonberry Blog

Gold Studded Bracelet and Wraparound Bracelet, both from Evie.

Zalora | The Moonberry Blog

Gold Pyramid Earrings from Evie.

Zalora | The Moonberry Blog

Err yah. I am very fascinated with triangles and all various iterations of this magical three-sided shape. The mystical triangle has a historical association with intuition and the psychic consciousness, material and spiritual alchemy, sacred architecture and the psychic body.

On the more contemporary, stylistic, designer, arty-fartsy end though, I have assembled my Pinterest board (aptly named Trippy Triangles) to record and celebrate the extent of my obsession. ;) If you haven’t added me on Pinterest yet, do it! I love followers. :D

Zalora Vouchers | The Moonberry Blog

Last but not least, with my jewelry order, Zalora has packed a bunch of vouchers with discount codes on them. If anyone’s interested in these, please leave me a comment below with your email and I’ll write you to obtain your mailing address to send the vouchers to, or just give you the discount code over email. As usual, sharing is caring la… ^^

But please don’t leave me a comment like a year later after this blog post’s been published. There is an expiry date to these vouchers!

Zalora | The Moonberry Blog


2 Responses to Shine Necklace by Yuki Mitsuyasu

  1. Laura says:

    LOVE the Shine necklace by Yuki Mitsuyasu. Saw it on Zalora, but sheesh, a bit pricey for buying something like that online. I need to hold it and feel it in my hands BEFORE committing.

  2. Carmen says:

    I really like how clever this necklace is with the magnet to piece the heart together! Love it!

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