20 May 2009

Over the weekend, I obtained a paper shredder from my friend Ruby since I had tons of paper which I needed to toss out. You know I’ve never used one of these things before? And I had accumulated so much chit over the years, now is a good time to do a mega-major spring cleaning around the house. I’m presently on a mission to be out with the old, to allow for the new (which also explains all that data archiving which I’d written about in other posts). Without further ado, on with the pulverization!!!

Fresh out of the box. It’s smaller and less masculine than I thought. Oooooh, come to Momma!

First thing I did was, like a typical Chinese, line the wastebasket with a plastic bag. Hehehe! Pop the top in place, plugged the power in, and…. Hello?!?!!? This thing wasn’t working? 0_0 What the hell was going on?

So I flipped through the instruction manual and OHHHHHH!!! Lining the wastebasket with a plastic bag turned out to be a big NO-NO. I guess the manufacturer had anticipated that I would do something like that. D’oh.

I reluctantly proceeded to remove the plastic bag and got ready to work. Everything in and on top of the storage bins must go!

This tall stack of CDs would be fed through the shredder as well.

Lookie! Beautiful diamond-shaped crosscut shreds! Someone should use this to make modern art or something. I totally would, if i have the talent. :X

The CDs, however, did not shred as prettily. In fact, the sharp edges looked rather menacing. The tiny specks of silver foil also kinda dirtied the wastebasket. This was why lining it with a plastic bag would have made the job so much cleaner!

Pppphhhrrrrrrrrr. Ppppppphhhrrrrrrr. Pppppphhhhrrrrrr. Just shredding away happily until at one point, the shredder’s motor got overheated and the whole thing jammed. I freaked out a little bit, but then decided to give myself and it a break. While the motor was cooling down, I resorted to my Plan B:

Caveman-style. Oh yeah!

Let there be fire! Burn, baby, burn! }:)))) It was a windy evening though and the smoke soon got into my eyes. So I went back indoors and resumed shredding.

This was what I ended up with. Two giant garbage bags filled with shredded paper. (The CDs went into a separate plastic bag.)

Why hadn’t anyone tell me how kick-ass the feeling of shredding paper is????? I totally love it. I was saying a silent prayer with each handful of paper that I fed through this monster. “Goodbye, Bridezilla A. Hasta la vista, Bridezilla B” and so on. (I was shredding design quotation documents at the time.) In spite of continuous shredding from 3pm until way past midnight, I was totally shred-happy that day and went to bed with a backache + a smile.


CONCLUSION: Using the paper shredder for the first time and ridding myself of unnecessary documents = SUCCESS!!! *cheers*

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