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Ever been curious about what food is served aboard Singapore Airlines Business Class? Why, you’ve come to the right place then. Each menu, specially created by Singapore Airlines’ International Culinary Panel of celebrated chefs from around the globe, is sure to appeal to the discerning epicure within travelers and you’re getting a sneak peek here. Complete with contemporary designer tableware from Givenchy, passengers can indulge in finest restaurant-style setting and culinary service at 30,000 ft.

Yep. We talkin’ about faaaaaaaannncy.

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The extensive menu that makes up Singapore Airlines Business Class meals includes regional delicacies and specialty gourmet dishes that made it a lavish experience to be eating onboard. I can only summarize the flight I took recently from Singapore to Europe (and back) on Business Class as food, food, food, food, food, food and more food. In style, of course. Okay, and a couple of movies thrown in between as well as sleeping in full reclining position. But I want to tell you about the food!

Before we get into that though, thought I should first mention how Singapore Airlines has a panel of wine experts. So as soon as you get onboard, sip fine champagne as well as a delightful selection of red and white wines, all specially selected by the airlines’ renowned wine consultants. Ah yes, drinking and flying = I much approve. :P

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Red wine (I can’t remember what it was exactly…. I think it could be a Bordeaux).

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A special cocktail made of Red Wine and Coke. It has a fancy name like “Midnight Dream” or something like that; again I can’t remember but it was most interesting and I’d totally make this at home for myself coz it’s simple enough – just mix and stir.

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Another testament to my horrible memory, this was another cocktail with a name that I can’t bloody remember anymore. Let’s call this “Mimosa” for now until I get around to asking my friends who are Singapore girls, because that’s basically what the drink is… fizzy orange juice, with alcohol. It probably has a fancy name like “Singapore Sunrise” or something like that, who knows.

Hm. Maybe all that imbibing has something to do with why I can’t remember the names of them drinks. :]

N’mind… let’s move on to the food.


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Supper Starter: Cilantro-marinated Prawn with Pasta and Strawberries Pomelo Salsa.

★★★★★ I enjoyed this tremendously because the prawns weren’t rubbery and I loved the konyaku ‘pasta’. :) The strawberry pomelo salsa was nice and sweet. I’d definitely ask for this again next time.

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Supper Main: Nage of Salmon and Mussel in Spicy Minestrone (with Pasta and Vegetables).

★★☆☆☆ I actually couldn’t finish this because the broth was super salty. The seafood was great though and I appreciated that this bowl of nage was served piping hot.

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Supper Finale: Gourmet Cheese with Garnishes.

* There’s no really no sense for me to rate this, right? I always enjoy cheese after a meal and the selection is decent, so there’s nothing else to be said.

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Breakfast Prelude: Sliced Fresh Fruit.

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Breakfast Main: Singapore Fried Carrot Cake (a hearty traditional dish of fried savory radish-rice pudding with prawns and pickled turnip).

★★★★☆ Pretty good considering it’s an in-flight meal; good flavor, nice bite-size cubes, tasty prawns. I mean of course, let’s be fair and not compare this to the hawker center authentic version where it’s made fresh in front of you as you order. Had this been served with a condiment of sweet dark soy sauce on the side, I’d have given this a full 5-star rating.


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Lunch Prelude: Satay with Onion, Cucumber and Spicy Peanut Sauce.

★★★★☆ Satay was nice because they were not dried out or tough, sauce was flavorful, but so stingy with the onion and cucumber slices!?!!? Tsk.

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Lunch Starter: Vitello Tartufo (poached veal with truffle oil mayonnaise and roasted vegetables).

★★★★☆ Delicious, the veal was tender and the roasted veggies were yummy. Except that whoever prepared this totally went overboard (ha, sorry for the pun) with the mayonnaise. Just half of what you see here would’ve sufficed in my opinion, there’s no need to slather the veal with *that* much mayonnaise, sheesh.

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Lunch Main: Pan-fried Beef Fillet served with Sweet and Sour Port Wine Sauce, Smooth Polenta with Mushroom.

★★☆☆☆ Could be a whole lot better because the beef was overcooked (it was cooked well instead of medium rare which is how I normally like my steak). I dunno, maybe because it’s an in-flight thing and the airlines doesn’t want to take any chances in serving semi-cooked food or whatever so everything has to be fully and completely cooked. O_o?! As for the polenta, I thought it could be creamier.

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Lunch Finale: Macadamia Ice Cream with Mango Coulis.

★★★★★ YUMZ! I nearly wanted to ask for a second bowl but there’s been so much food, I really shouldn’t be eating so much. Next time when I’m onboard Business Class again, I’ll request for a double scoop. ^^

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Lunch Finale: Gourmet Cheese with Garnishes.

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Breakfast Main: Braised Egg Noodles with Chicken, Mushrooms and Leafy Greens.

★★★★★ This was yummy with a generous amount of chicken, mushrooms, veggie. And I appreciated the side condiment of pickled green chilli in soy sauce.

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The airline really serves up a LOT of food in Singapore Airlines Business Class. It’s like non-stop eating. Good thing the seats are spacious enough to stretch your feet in between meals.

I don’t imagine it to be an easy task to come up with a meal plan for flights, and I imagine there are restrictions on how to store the food properly throughout the flight, methods of reheating before serving the food etc. But it’d be fun to design your own menu say if you own a private plane, wouldn’t it? If it’s up to me, I’d install the plane with a deep fryer and serve fried chicken. Gourmet, of course. :P Hahaha! And in my private plane, there’d be an onboard masseuse also to give Shiatsu back massages and foot reflexology during long haul flights. Hm, maybe a beautician too (might as well get a facial while flying since the cabin air is so dry and terrible for complexion). Moonberry’s private plane = spa in the sky. :) :) :) :) :)

My fantasies aside… back on Singapore Airlines, one can definitely get spoiled silly in Business Class as the service is impeccable and all the onboard staff are friendly, attentive and helpful. Traveling halfway across the globe on long haul flights ain’t bad at all when the service is so top-notch. Definitely comfortable and the in-flight hours just melt away, amennnnn!

Nowadays everyone is a savvy traveler. Lemme then ask you, what’s important to you personally when it comes to travel comfort: is it the quality of food, ample legroom, inflight entertainment, clean bathrooms, attentive service, comfortable seats, ticket prices, baggage allowance…?

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  1. The meal looks fancy!!! I’ve been on Singapore Airlines, but never been on Business class. It must have felt so nice to travel on the Business Class!!

  2. Haha your twitter just reposted this and I thought you immediately blogged about this because you are on the plane now to NY. I must try SQ Business Class one day! Bucket list. Heehee