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6 Dec 2012

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I am a hopeless boutique hotel junkie! That should not come as a surprise to you since I am an artsy hipster type who’s a purveyor of chic living. Boutique hotels with carefully curated interior decor items and integrated visual branding get me totally weak in the knees. Every corner I turn inside a boutique hotel is so damn friggin’ gorgeous visually. It’s like stepping inside a design magazine and I can touch everything. I’m like a kid in a candy store, let me loose! I’ve had an incredible experience spending a few nights at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills earlier this year and it was so memorable I must give you a tour of this swanky boutique hotel.

Even though SLS Hotel Beverly Hills is a luxury hotel, we’re not talking about old school palatial lavishness of shiny marble floors, gilded furniture, floral wallpaper and endless yards of silk drapes. That version of 5-star hotel aesthetic isn’t usually associated with boutique hotels these days anyway. We’re talking about a different kind of opulence here, the kind that involves designer furniture (something that you see on the pages of Wallpaper* magazine, for example) and contemporary art (the likes of Hirst and Lachapelle) so the overall experience is usually ultra modern – including dining concepts. The SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills comes with serious design creds boasting fantastical interiors by Philippe Starck and culinary arts from the imagination of Chef José Andrés (read about my dining experience here).

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The overall branding of SLS Hotel Beverly Hills is a fun mix of rock-and-roll, sophisticated playfulness and Tinseltown glamour. If you ask me, I say it’s totally oozing with sexiness from carpet to ceiling. I love all the little details that can be found all over this luxury hotel, including all these wacky phrases made up of only three words, but all starting with S, L and S. From the hotel’s website: “SLS is not an exact acronym for anything in particular but at its core represents the essential components of the SLS guest experience – style, luxury and service. Most importantly, SLS is a name that has quickly become synonymous with timeless elegance, intelligence, humanity, discovery and a completely novel guest experience.”

Every single detail in this boutique hotel is absolutely gorgeous. Best to show you in photos because my lame attempt to describe ain’t gonna do this amazing hotel fair justice. Get ready to scroll, scroll, and scroll more. Oh, and try spotting all the S, L, S words. :)

Leather-bound Illustrated Dictionary of Services. How cool is this? I totally read it from cover to cover.

The complete stationery suite. Love the monkey chandelier illustration, it’s a recurring element throughout the hotel’s identity suite and branding.

The SLS Hotel Beverly Hills even has its own app!

From the mini-bar: selections for the saint and the sinner.

En suite bathroom outfitted in slate and dark glass. I found it a little too masculine and too industrial at first, but very quickly fell in love with the warm lighting and the rock-n-roll’ish feel of this. Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, baby! (Uh… actually it was more like “shampoo, dental floss and rock-n-roll” for me.) ;P

Random snaps of this and that seen in the hotel lobby.

Can you believe it, the images you’re seeing above are of the hotel’s gift shop! In no way whatsoever a traditional hotel gift shop that you’d expect. This is wayyyyyy chic. Feels like a super cool home office/library. I’m loving the  glass stag… wonder how much that costs.

Gorgeous candles spotted at the gift shop. I. WANT. THEM. ALL!!!

After staying at such a gorgeous place, I wish I own tons of studio apartments here and there so that I can decorate them all in different concepts. It’s difficult not to get inspired by SLS Hotel Beverly Hills. I really like the dark, sultry, sexy vibes of the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills. Mix that with some pop culture, some bling, some witty humor and a couple of exceptional restaurants on the property, this is definitely one boutique hotel which I’d very much love to revisit again. (Especially since I didn’t get to try out the spa or check out the pool yet.) Traveling is about discovery and experiences; in this instance I have discovered and experienced style. :)

Seductive Lavish Style,

— The magic of 2012 continues…

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