Snow Day

16 Dec 2011

it is one of those days when fair weather emerges after a blizzard. you know, it’s that feeling of anticipation for this day because you’re sick of being trapped indoors by the snow that wouldn’t stop falling. so you take a step outside, you are greeted by the sun that is so bright, it glares at you and leaves you somewhat dazed. you squint and survey the surrounding, the atmosphere is calm and quiet. you inhale a whiff of fresh cold outdoors air and it reminds you of similarly fairer weather before the snowstorm hit.

those were the early winter days, of a couple holding hands as they strolled down a small street lined with bare, skinny trees. those were the sunny winter days, of he who kissed her on her forehead and whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

“you are beautiful when you laugh… when you smile,” he had said.

“that’s because you make me happy,” she had replied.

as you reminisce, you scoop a little snow into your hands and marvel at the uncountable tiny little snowflakes – each bearing an exquisitely unique design and perfectly symmetrical. there must be zillions and zillions of snowflakes resting on the ground, forming a thick blanket of white all around. “power of ten,” you mumble to yourself.

in a few days all the snow will melt away, winter will be gone but not forgotten. and soon, joyful laughter of little children will fill the small little street and the trees won’t be bare this time – they will be leafy and green. a new season is arriving, and today is a good day. sure, the sun is too fucking bright and it gives you a headache after a while, but it is okay.

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