Snow Zebras and Bleeding Hearts Manicure

12 Aug 2011

I have been injuring my feet twice in the last few months. By accident, of course. The first one was my heel getting nibbed by the exposed wheel of a shopping cart and I ended up limping off from the supermarket with my flipflop swimming in a pool of blood. The second was my foot getting scraped by the plastic base of an Ikea stool and then my foot started bleeding, unbelievable!!! Both resulted in quite an ugly mess and some scars have been left behind as mementos. #($*&FML! 容易受伤的女人,哈哈哈。

I haven’t had a pedicure since I injured my feet because the wounds were taking a while to heal. When one he!led, I got hit by another one. : Finally I couldn’t take it anymore so I went for a gel* manicure and pedicure. These should last me for a while I hope as the gel is supposed to be more lasting and nail color won’t chip so quickly. Hm, I don’t know what I should call my current nail art theme. I sorta took a long time to decide on a design (I wanted something to do with animals, something with crystals, something red), and I couldn’t make up my mind so I got everything. They ended up looking quite pretty and I am temporarily distracted from the scars on my feet. Ain’t too expensive either, as I got the full set for $150 complete with nail art and gemstones.

I think I’m going to call these my Snow Zebras and Bleeding Hearts. How does that sound? I just made it up on the fly, but it is quite apt for what I’ve been feeling these days. (Uh oh, here comes an emotional dip…)

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | Manicure
Don’t you think bleeding hearts are like one of the most beautiful plants ever? :”) And I think zebra pattern always looks stunning juxtaposed against a shot of bright color.

The Moonberry Blog
Pretty nail art, innit? In case you’re wondering, that’s an abstract eternity symbol tattoo which I designed for my ring finger. No, I’m not going to tell the background story of this one so don’t bother asking; all I can say is that it muthafucken’ hurt during the time when I got inked. A wound need not be big or be seen, because pain is still pain. That’s just how it is.

Of magnétisme animal, wounds, scars, bleeding hearts and freedom…

“Whatever is dreamed on this night,
will come to pass.”

— A Mid Summer Night’s Dream

* The gel manicure I had is known commercially as “Gelish Nails”. I’ll write a separate blog entry about this fascinating polish.


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