Pizza Class at Capricci

9 Sep 2015


Never been one to eat a lot of pizza in the first place, but I wanted to learn how to make one from scratch so I joined a pizza making class organized by Spoonful recently. New York City style pizza is typically plain, just tomato sauce and cheese, maybe a topping or two such as pepperoni slices or mushrooms. I belong in the thin crust camp and the way I eat a slice is to fold it over. What’s your eating tactic?



Turned out making a pizza dough from scratch is quite simple. Led by Chef Massimo at Capricci, the class started out with mixing an entire bag of flour with yeast, salt, water, and olive oil. Then comes the workout in the form of kneading until a sturdy yet elastic dough is formed. After letting the dough rise, we get to shape the pizza and it’s a rustic one as the only tool used here is our bare hands.



I am not publishing the class recipe here, but the above illustrated guide outlines a similar process.


The funnest part comes from deciding what toppings to put and the pizza we made in class was a mushroom-prosciutto variety. I have so many ideas on how to customize my pizza next time and will make some in my own kitchen soon. Stay tuned! :9


Ta-daaaaah. That was purrty easy.


Digging in!


Spoonful offers cooking lessons, workshops, and F&B events in Singapore. I have attended a couple of other classes before and always had fun because the setup is casual and friendly. Keeping an eye out for other classes of interest next time. Check out the Spoonful FB page for calendar.



Great gift ideas for a pizza fiend: Pizza Baking Stone, Pizza Cutter, Pizza Cutter, Truly Madly Pizza Book, The Pizza Bible.

Got any fun and unique pizza ideas to share?

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