Sunao Kuwahara Spring/Summer 2011

16 Jan 2011

I’m rather smitten by the spring/summer 2011 collection by Japanese designer, Sunao Kuwahara. The piece which jumped out at me the most is the sky blue animal print dress (shown above). The playful print reminds me immediately of the Zara cat print dress (which was the rage all of last summer). FYI, I’m still bitter by the fact that last year I had flown all over the globe hunting down this elusive cat print dress, only to be told it’s out of stock – in different languages too, nonetheless. Singapore, Bangkok, Paris, New York, Zurich – out of stock everywhere. @#&^%$*&^!!!!!!!! Ah well, it just was not meant to be… :|

Anyhoo, back to Sunao Kuwahara. According to the Japanese website, the title of the collection is “A westerner of India”. Interpret that any which way you want, I’m personally drawn to the not-too-in-your-face colors, feminine and girlish but with an ever-so-subtle edginess.

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