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23 Jan 2012

I went through a phase in life when most of my friends were guys. Specifically, college days. Yah, having guy friends around can be nice and all because they took care of me whenever I needed help, but having mostly guy friends got rather dry after a while because after all, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. :P The nature of such friendship doesn’t compare to being part of a girl gang. Okay, not a ‘gang’-gang but a small close tight-knit group of girl friends that laugh, bitch, cry and be silly together with. And where PMS isn’t considered a dirty word!

During post-college clubbing and online chatroom days, I found my group of girl friends – with whom I still remain very very close to today aka Team Moonberry†). We know every secret, every scar, every dream, went on the rollercoaster of hookups and breakups together. We did silly girly things, such as dressing up for themed tea parties. And of course, the happy hour drinking…. oh, the drinking and gossiping. We celebrated most of major holidays together too. Most importantly, we are always there for one another, to watch one another’s backs, to indulge every girl’s idiosyncrasies, to offer support, to bitch together and to celebrate our milestones together. I really love my girls and miss them a lot.

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We are very close and I remember one of the husbands once remarked candidly, “Gosh, you girls chat all day over phone and txts, send emails and play online games together during daytime and in the evening, you still need to videochat again with one another too!?!?”.


The Moonberry Blog

We are a crazy bunch and we love it that way. Hahaha! :) Over the years, we have accumulated a treasure stash of inside jokes and we have no problem coming up with new ones; we are constantly laughing so hard whenever we are together. ♥

† So the story of Team Moonberry is that it started out as a joke. Something some years back about some wannabe biatch whose ass I so badly wanted to kick, so my gal pals banded around me and we wanted to send a message along the lines of “Don’t mess with Team Moonberry” to the biatch. I shan’t go into the drama (all you need to know is that yes I fucken’ kicked her ass goooooddd), the team name stuck and subsequently all my good friends (guys and gals alike) are referred to cohesively now as Team MB. :) Long live, BFFs!

Recently, I watched this really awesome Korean flick and super duper loved it.

Sunny (써니) is a 2011 South Korean film about a group of female high school friends who gradually drift apart and then seek each other out again. It is the second film by director – screenwriter Kang Hyeong-cheol and is one of the highest grossing Korean films of 2011.

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This movie totally brought me back to my teenage days when I had a group of close girl friends like this back then too. We’d do silly teenager things together (such as, buying and wearing the same t-shirts so that we had a group ‘uniform’, hanging out in one of the girls’ houses and listening to J-pop all afternoon, marching down to Kinokuniya and drooling over the reigning boy bands of the time, mimicking pop dance moves and choreographing our own ‘concerts’ at home, had sleepovers and giggling over our secret crushes, etc). Over time though, we grew apart but I am grateful to have such a spritely group that made my teenage years so much fun and memorable.

Fast forward to today, I miss Team MB awfully much! Friendships that endure the span of distance and time are something not to be taken for granted… :”) Quoting one of my buddies: “Yes, good memories can’t be erased. They’re all we’ve got at the end of the day. And loyalty is hard to find.”

Movie trailer:

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It’s a comedy and a tear-jerker, so don’t forget to have a box of Kleenex nearby. I was bawling my eyes out when I watched it – with Japanese subtitles, of all things, so I understood about 80% of the film. I’m very happy to find the movie online with ENGLISH subtitles and definitely will be watching it again and again. Even the end credits made me cry also. :”]


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