Supermarket Spree :: Seoul

6 Jun 2015

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I came back from Seoul with a bunch of stuff I picked up at the supermarket there. When I travel I love visiting a local food market or supermarket because I enjoy browsing local ingredients and discovering food stuff I’ve never seen before. Everyone does this when they travel, right?

Here’s what I bought from Lotte Mart.


Hur hur hur, take a close look at the curry names… tantalizing, no? Can’t wait to start trying them.


Anchovy, seafood, and beef powdered stock sachets.


Instant congee, pureed pumpkin, and instant creamy corn soup. I really like the sweet pumpkin porridge (bottom row middle) as it has bits of red bean mixed in, what a great combo. It’s a hearty dessert best eaten warm.


Dehydrated bibimbap. The packaging says “International Disaster Security Food” and “Emergency Food”. It’s also known as Korean military food; I should’ve bought the ones with the camouflage pattern packaging. So fancy right!? The army boys get to eat bibimbap! This is also suitable for camping meals but for me, these will come in purrty handy for times when I’m hangry and there’s nothing in the fridge.

Eat Your Kimchi, my fave expat couple in Seoul, did a video review of two different brands. Their YT vids kept me entertained when I couldn’t sleep at night there.


Dehydrated seafood chigae stew thingie and ready-to-serve Ginseng Chicken Stew (with a honkin’ chunk of chicken inside).



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