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Affordable Art Fair Singapore (Spring 2017)

7 Dec 2017

I’m always delighted to check out the Affordable Art Fair and I try to pop in as often as I can every year. Even though I have missed several in recent years, I managed to visit the Spring edition this year. The Affordable Art Fair shows in Singapore have come a long way since the first time I went in 2010, from the setup to the participating galleries and curation of artists, it is…


4 May 2014

We all crave noise somewhere, sometime in our lives; but we’ve swung the balance so far in the direction of loudness, and stripped ourselves of so many oases of quiet, that we’re losing both the will and ability to listen to what’s actually out there.
– an excerpt from In Pursuit of Silence by George Prochnik


Desinere, founded by Melvin Ong, is a Singapore-based studio…

Allscript Magazine Subscription Membership Program

1 May 2014

Gotta love indie magazines. They definitely have an edge on the mainstream when it comes to creativity because indies have no boundaries in photography, styling and editorial content. It’s a great source of inspiration in every aspect for me – curation of content, visual execution, editorial style and format. During my design school years, Editorial Design was one of my fave classes and once upon a time, I’d even entertained the idea of starting my own…