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Recipe :: Shredded Taro Meatballs

20 Mar 2015

Shredded Taro Meatballs Recipe

Many moons ago, my buddy Dennis told me about these taro meatballs that his grandmother used to make when he was a boy. I remember my mom made something similar once upon a time, so one afternoon Dennis and I got together for a show-and-tell and compared notes. He taught me how to make this and it was somewhat close to what I had tasted…

Wagyu Cooking Class

4 Feb 2015


Over the weekend, my friend invited me to check out a Zennoh Wagyu Cooking Demo and Sake Tasting event together, priced at S$80/pax. Even though it started at 11am on a Saturday, I was game. I love red meat but ever since I moved to SG, I don’t eat beef as much as before coz compared to US, there are very limited cuts available here and since…

Recipe :: Cheesy Sardine Wonton Rollups

27 Apr 2014

Cheesy Sardine Wonton Rollups

I don’t get canned sardines in tomato sauce. Do you? I don’t really know why I even buy it. The only thing I would use it for (and have) is to sandwich it between two slices of bread and then toast the whole thing… which now that I think of it, is super lame. Uhm okay, so sardines are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, calcium,…