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Erabrowlogy Eyebrow Embroidery at Erabelle

11 Oct 2013

Erabrowlogy Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Now that we’ve established I’m a slap-and-dash kinda gal when it comes to my makeup routine, efficiency and time-saving convenience are two huge factors for me. As many are already aware of, I have semi-permanent makeup on my face in the form of eyebrow embroidery and it has really saved me a lot of time. I’ve written…

Vanilla Gastro Wine Bar

21 Sep 2012


The Moonberry Blog

Started out my week quietly with a solo lunch at Vanilla Gastro Wine Bar and took the opportunity to hole up there for a bit with my books.


My Pretty Eyebrows from Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery

16 Aug 2012

Erabelle Eyebrow Embroidery | The Moonberry Blog

Erabelle eyebrow embroidery… ahhh. I recently booked myself an appointment to get semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery (aka Erabrow) at the award-winning Erabelle, because not long ago I was very happy and impressed by the eyebrow redesign I got there. I was most impressed by the exceptional service at Erabelle and enjoyed the ambiance of…