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Trapezius Meditoxin at RenewMe Skin Clinic Seoul

5 Mar 2015

Seoul RenewMe Skin Clinic

Seeing how my shoulders and neck have been fugged up for over a year now and no amount of gua sha (my magic cure for everything) seems to provide relief beyond a few days, I decided to try meditoxin injection to the trapezius area while visiting Seoul.

I’m literally so tired from (and of) constantly having achy shoulders and super stiff neck, especially exacerbated whenever I…

Svelte and Sleek at PhysioAesthetics

30 Oct 2014

PhysioAesthetics Moonberry

The inevitable is happening. Repercussions from all my traveling ie. carefree eating in the last handful of months have touched down onto the weighing scale when I step on it lately. Then again, happy travels = happy times = happy belly. I am accepting the weight gain with open arms and a bulging smiling belly as I’ve been medically instructed to increase my BMI and switch up my lifestyle for the better (eg. sleep earlier, drink more water, take…

BelleWave White-Neurogist Express Lightening Expert

3 Nov 2013

Lately friends have been looking at me with sympathy and concern in their eyes, before dishing it out and saying to me, “Hey, you look really tired and your skin seems kinda dull. What’s going on with you?”. Why, thank you for noticing. I have been severely fatigued and not getting quality rest for weeks now, so it’s of little surprise that I look kinda grey-ish. The perfect shade to match my grumpy mood…