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LA Travelogue :: SLS Hotel Beverly Hills

6 Dec 2012

The Moonberry Blog

I am a hopeless boutique hotel junkie! That should not come as a surprise to you since I am an artsy hipster type who’s a purveyor of chic living. Boutique hotels with carefully curated interior decor items and integrated visual branding get me totally weak in the knees. Every corner I turn inside a boutique hotel is so damn friggin’ gorgeous visually. It’s like…

Wren Sequined Open Back Kimono Dress

3 May 2012

The Moonberry Blog

Gold sequins make me happy.

I spotted this sequined open back kimono dress from Wren on the racks of Satine boutique on Third Street, LA. It was gorgeous but I hemmed ‘n hawed for a couple of days before finally deciding to get it. (Don’t we just hate this hemming and hawing while traveling? I’m still kinda bitter about my couture Dior dress.) But…

LA Travelogue:: The Bazaar by José Andrés

2 May 2012

</p> <p>Not long ago when I was at LA, I stayed at the lovely SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills which is an amazing boutique hotel. I totally fell in love with the hotel and it has really beautiful chic branding too. The Bazaar, helmed by Chef José Andrés, is an ultra hip award-winning restaurant and it was conveniently located just downstairs at the hotel!!! Lucky lucky me. It also turned out to...
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