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Summer of 2015 :: New York, New York

24 Aug 2015

Recapping what I did and ate in good ole’ NYC. I’d been super looking forward to chilling out and catching up with my peeps back home, because in the last year or so, I didn’t feel much like connecting with anyone anywhere. I was drowning from plot twists that life’s been dishing my way; coping as best I could but seriously getting sick of all the bullshittery.

Reconnecting with the tribe back home and being around peeps who “get” it feels so…

HomeGoods Happy

26 Mar 2014

HomeGoods Happy – that’s the feeling of finding something spectacular at a price that’s equally so. I can’t believe I have never been to HomeGoods before! I have been living under a rock (or you can say, Singapore)! My evil bestie brought me to the HomeGoods one weekday afternoon and she let me loose in this playground. “Oh my gawd,” was the first thing I exclaimed loudly upon stepping inside the store, followed by involuntary…

Farmers Market NYC

21 Mar 2014

Farmers Market Brooklyn, The Moonberry Blog

Springtime has arrived in New York and it’s a gorgeous season to be checking out the fresh produce at the farmers market. Farmers markets are awesome because the food sold there are fresh from farmers to consumers. And because they are outdoors, it’s a great experience to spend the morning perusing what the different booths have to offer and…