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Recipe :: Gamjatang Korean Pork Bone Soup

17 Jan 2016

I made Gamjatang this week because I was craving it in a big way. I’m resorting to making and eating all my fave foods in order to bring my appetite back from the dead. This Korean spicy soup with hefty potato and pork bones totally sounds inviting to me so I rolled up my sleeves and got cracking.


Tomahawk Steak Special At Raffles Hotel Long Bar Steakhouse

9 Oct 2015

Tomahawk Steak Special

Get your appetite on for a hearty Tomahawk Steak Special at Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar Steakhouse this October. Air-flown from Australia, the grain-fed tomahawk has higher marbling than its grass-fed counterpart, resulting in a steak that melts-in-the-mouth.


Fire Up Your Weekend Brunch At FYR

5 Sep 2015



If your idea of an optimal weekend brunch is relaxing and laid back, away from jostling crowds and not hangry from the wait to be seated at some tiny cramped restaurant serving meh food that lacks originality, FYR may just be the place for you. FYR, pronounced as “fire”, is situated in CBD (read: a ghost town on weekends) serves…