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Beauty Journey :: Mary Chia (Chapter 6)

27 Jun 2012

Mary Chia Spa Party

My Mary Chia Spa Party bearing the theme of “Velvet & Roses” continues… Have you voted for me to as the Best Beauty Blog and Best Lifestyle Blog in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 yet? There is more eye candy in this post, specifically images from the mini photoshoot that took place during the party. You’ve been…

Beauty Journey :: Mary Chia (Chapter 5)

24 Jun 2012

The Moonberry Blog

Following up on my last post about the Mary Chia Spa Party which I put together, after about three stressful weeks in the making, it finally took place on June 16th at the Orchard Point OG location. If you remember my spa party theme, it is “Velvet & Roses” and I have written more + ");

Beauty Journey :: Mary Chia (Chapter 4)

20 Jun 2012

The Moonberry Blog

I would like to review one of the treatments I received at Mary Chia recently – which is the Oxy-Synthesis facial, a treatment that restores skin’s optimal balance and its natural properties. I have been ultra stressed this month as there’s a lot of work piling up, causing lack of sleep and the fatigue is seriously showing up on my face.

more + ");