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Summer of 2015 :: New York, New York

24 Aug 2015


Recapping what I did and ate in good ole’ NYC. I’d been super looking forward to chilling out and catching up with my peeps back home, because in the last year or so, I didn’t feel much like connecting with anyone anywhere. I was drowning from plot twists that life’s been dishing my way; coping as best I could but seriously getting sick of all the bullshittery.

Reconnecting with the tribe back home…

Xin Chao, Saigon

17 Jul 2014

The Moonberry Blog Saigon Travelogue

I arrived at Saigon, the ancient capital city of Southern Vietnam, welcomed by an afternoon downpour. Looking out the windows of the Merc that has been sent to pick me up from the airport, I saw motorcyclists clad in rain ponchos zipping by in this monsoon season. My ride from the airport took approximately twenty minutes, about the same time it took to receive my visa…

Travelogue :: Southern Thai Islands

6 Jan 2014

The Moonberry Blog Travelogue

I was quite bent on shutting out as many distractions as possible during the last few weeks of 2013, so that I could kick back and plot my course for 2014. I had thought that I’d be hiding indoors, inside the comfort of my apartment and quietly spending the holidays in the company of my kitty cat. Alas, I couldn’t turn down an invitation…