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Taipei Travelogue :: Beitou Hot Springs Resort

21 Sep 2015

When my friend suggested that we go to the hot springs together I immediately asked “When can we go?”. Situated at the northernmost part of Taipei City, Beitou is an area famous for its hot springs and I’ve heard about it before. For some reason I had this false idea that it’s far from the city and troublesome to get to, but my friend told me it’s just a half hour (ish) car ride away. So I…

Taipei Travelogue :: Streets of Monga

19 Sep 2015


The Wanhua district in Taipei used to be called Monga and it’s one of the oldest communities in the city. It’s an area worth checking out to get a retro feel of Taipei city, so here’s my roundup on what to do and what to eat there.


Taipei Travelogue :: DIY Xiao Long Bao Class at Dian Shui Lou

17 Sep 2015

I came across a Xiao Long Bao (XLB aka steamed soup dumplings) making class in Taipei, so I signed up to a weekend afternoon DIY class at Dian Shui Lou 點水樓 with family and friends.