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Travelogue :: Conrad Tokyo (Part 2)

28 Nov 2013

Waking up in time to catch the sunset is a luxury for a nocturnal creature like me and I feel so fortunate to have this majestic experience from my Bayview Room at the Conrad Tokyo, with a beautiful orange glow blanketed over Tokyo Bay and Rainbow Bridge. This was one wonderful, cloudless/fogless morning and the unobstructed view was magnificent!



Travelogue :: Hilton Tokyo

13 Nov 2013

Tokyo is a metropolis that I have a deep fondness for. It all started way back in high school when I obsessively entertained the fantasy of moving to and living there to study graphic design. Even though that dream didn’t materialize, I’ve held Tokyo very close to my heart over the years and visited the country many times before. Despite taking up Japanese in a language school for many years (and then forgetting most…

Smoothie King: Be Good To Yourself

19 Feb 2013

Last Thursday was a whirlwind crazy hectic day for me. Firstly, family was suddenly visiting and arrived in the early morning (which robbed me of a few hours of sleep as I had to sort out the spare room and make sure they could rest comfortably). Then after a quick lunch together, I jetted off to check out the Robe Raiders x Curated Editions showroom…