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Seoul Eats :: Sadong Myeonok Dumplings

14 Mar 2015

Sadong Myeonok Insadong Seoul

Sadong Myeonok Insadong Seoul

Sadong Myeonok Insadong Seoul

While idling at Insadong area the other day, we meandered in and out of the small alleys on the side in search for food and found ourselves peeking at an ajumma in the midst of frying haemul pajjeon (seafood pancake) by a window….

Seoul Eats :: Parkdaegamne Korean Beef BBQ

11 Mar 2015

According to this article on CNN Travel, Parkdaegamne serves some of the best skirts and galbi tang in Seoul. Parkdaegamne (that’s a mouthful to pronounce, so I break it up as Park-Dae-Gam-Ne) is open 24 hours and supposedly sometimes you may run into some actresses eating there in the wee hours of the morning. Not that I care about celebrity run-ins since I have zero idea who they are, but I wanted to try Korean beef…

Trapezius Meditoxin at RenewMe Skin Clinic Seoul

5 Mar 2015

Seoul RenewMe Skin Clinic

Seeing how my shoulders and neck have been fugged up for over a year now and no amount of gua sha (my magic cure for everything) seems to provide relief beyond a few days, I decided to try meditoxin injection to the trapezius area while visiting Seoul.

I’m literally so tired from (and of) constantly having achy shoulders and super stiff neck, especially exacerbated whenever I…