Tangerine Tango … On The Face?

9 Apr 2012

I’m trying to rock the orange lipstick look, seeing how Tangerine Tango is all the rage this year. But I dunno, orange lips look really pretty on fair complexions and it doesn’t seem to work quite as well on my tannish Asian face. We’ll see…. I have yet to really experiment with this, and I don’t usually give a hoot about trying out different makeup. I know it looks fantastic in studio lighting, but for every day application… Meh (for me, at least).

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The color orange itself has always ranked as a personal fave for me though, right up there with hot pink and red. What can I say, I like bright hot bold colors. :P But I have never tried orange lipstick before. My very first initiation into the world of makeup was at the Prescriptives counter — remember them? So sad that they’re no longer around. I did the skin color analysis, got my custom-blend foundation and all. Being Asian, I was in the yellow-orange undertone group so my starter makeup kit included palettes of orange and brown eyeshadows. Frankly I didn’t like the orange eyeshadows all that much because it sorta looked like I had very puffy eyelids or something when I put them on. Safe to say, we’ve come a long way from that starter kit and I’ve forayed beyond the orange-brown family when it comes to makeup colors. Uhm, I’m not sure I’m ready for orange on my lips just yet, although I did score a really beautiful shade from Makeup Forever during my not-so-long-ago trip to LA. I know that it will look really cool when I combine it with a different lip color for some kickass funky lipstick color-blocking. :) :) :)

Anyhoo, for those who are keen in jumping on this Color Of The Year bandwagon — namely, Tangerine Tango, Sephora and Pantone have teamed up to produce a series of limited edition makeup based on this punchy color. I *LOVE* the packaging more than anything, but I think the nail polishes and feathery eyelashes are cute. And the brush set is sooooooooooooo cool-looking.

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United by a passion for color, Sephora and Pantone combine their expertise to become beauty’s leading authority on color. Sharing an affection for how color can transform a face, mood, or even an attitude, this breakthrough beauty partnership will change how you wear, feel and think about color. You’ll be introduced to playful shades that will inspire experimentation and exhilarating new products you’ll impulsively want to sweep on. It will reawaken and reinvigorate your own passion for color—or ignite a new found love. Join us in celebrating Color of the Year: Tangerine Tango.

View the full list of products at Sephora.

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