The Meaning Of Peony

23 Jan 2010

Peony = Love

Mmmmm, peonies. In working with flowers for so many years, peonies definitely rank top on my list of favourites. They are adorable in the form of round ball-shaped buds and undeniably grand in full bloom. The dramatic transformation that takes place when they burst into layers of fluffy frills is simply amazing. And the fragrance is absolutely intoxicating! This flower can come at quite a steep price and only available in selective seasons, but so worth every dollar paid. :)

Singapore Top Art Design Style Fashion Blog | Peony

1. Jacqueline Gnott

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3. Chad Barrett

4. Jinghua Gao

5. M-Collier

6. Jeanne Illenye

7. Cristin Atria

8. Jacqueline Gnott

9. Diann Haist

Meaning of Peony in Chinese Paintings

In China the peony is known as the queen of flowers or the flower of riches and honour and symbolises wealth and distinction. Provided the peony becomes vibrant and alive, full of beautiful flowers and green leaves, it is also an omen of good fortune. Chinese peony paintings of are often hung in the home for good luck and in the office for good business.

The complimentarity of opposites is another traditional Chinese meaning associated with the peony which is often understood as a positive influence for woman and man living harmoniously together. To create good Feng Shui towards finding a faithful and loving partner a Chinese peony painting should be placed in your marriage sector.

The complimentarity of opposites can also be understood on a metaphysical level as Yin and Yang, the T’ai-Chi, which represents a complimentary dualism through which everything in existence is understood to contain the seed of its own opposite. In this way everything in life is understood as a necessary aspect in the flow of existence, rather than some aspects of existence being perceived antagonistically as “other”.

The Chinese peony is an emblem of love and affection and is a symbol of feminine beauty. In the ancient Chinese “Book of Odes” amorous youths and maidens give each other peonies. White peonies traditionally symbolise young girls who are distinguished mainly by their wit but also by their beauty.

Red has long been regarded as a life-giving colour so red peonies are admired and highly valued. On a more erotic level peony flowers are symbols of female genitalia; when the dew, which represents semen, falls, the peony flower opens.

The Chinese peony is one of the flowers of the four seasons and corresponds to late spring, early summer. Subtle lines are often employed in Chinese paintings of peonies in order to depict the life force of the plants.


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