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14 Sep 2011

I don’t know about everyone else, but I think I have shitload of clothes. A little bit too many, in fact, and I try to purge my closet from time to time and give clothes away. Despite the rows and rows of clothes which remain hung inside my closet (color-coordinated too, no less *ahem, OCD alert*) I’m stricken with a very odd condition called Nothingtowearitis. :| The only cure for this morbid condition, it seems, is to buy more clothes. :X

Yah yah, I’m all about online shopping and don’t quite fancy browsing in an actual store much. But I sorta stumbled into this store at Vivo City just the other day and was blown away by the clothes in there. You know how much I love “transformer” clothes (the term I use for an outfit that can be worn more than one way), and this store pretty much stocks mostly “transformer” clothes. WHEEEEEE~~~~ *spasms*. This was super duper totally right up my alley. The store is called The Reckless Shop and it stocks an exclusive homegrown label called Reckless Ericka.

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Reckless Ericka consists of a team of 3 – Afton Chen, Ruth Marbun and Louis Koh.

The label encompasses the whole spirit of the co-founders as risk-taking, fun loving and adventurous. Unconventional and off-beat as it sounds, it is in line with the brand’s personality.

The main concept of Reckless Ericka is ‘Euro-centric’. We focus on balancing classic tailoring with edgy use of silhouette and colours, and constructing avant-garde silhouettes with classic details. This infuses edginess and quirkiness into our brand, giving it our very own refreshing identity.

Okay, I admit I was rather rude to the friendly salespeople initially, because my eyes were as wide as dinner plates as soon as the outfits worn by the window mannequins registered on my radar. So one friendly staff was welcoming me as I walked into the store and proceeded to suggest/introduce such and such outfit, but I put up one hand to her face and briskly said, “Thanks, but let me browse on my own for now.” I know right….. I was such a big biatch!!! :x But eh, it was a li’l girl in candy store moment for me and it was vital for me to focus and take in every single item on the display rack, looking at each outfit front to back, top to bottom, inside and out, without any distraction, external commentary or other disturbance. Indeed I went through every single item on the rack and circled the entire store completely once over, before finally requesting the assistance of the friendly staff. It sorta went like, “I’d like to try this, this, this, this, that, that, that, this and that. Oh, and that one too please. Thank you so much.” :)

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At the end of it, I walked away with five new outfits from the ODDS collection after I tried on nearly the entire shop. I was embarrassed that I didn’t even look at the prices prior to trying the clothes on, but I was delighted that the damage was not extreme (phew). In fact, the clothes were affordable! I couldn’t believe it. Edgy, well-designed outfits at a very reasonable price ranging from SG$39-SG$79 per item. I was totally happy as a clam.

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Lemme tell you something about “transformer” clothes: They are usually made baggy drapey and/or have deliberate details that work with the fabric to create different drapes and silhouettes. This makes the outfit playful and fun. There’s also a hide-n-seek element which I most definitely appreciate because it’s the perfect disguise! Oh, no one has to know that those hip ‘bat wing’ extension sleeves are meant to disguise my thunder arms. *winks* Or that the asymmetrical assembly of the stripey pattern effectively disguises the jelly roll around my belly. }:) Hur hur hur. So you see? “Transformer” clothes RULE!!! And it also means that these outfits can tide me over thru (literally) the thicks and thins of my changing body over the years. I am not a fashion expert but I think there is a reason why all these “transformer” clothes are made of stretchy fabric; I won’t bother figuring out why coz the main thing that concerns me about these materials is that they are COMFORTABLE TO WEAR. Just put it on and forgedaboudit. Badabing badaboom.

Okay, can I show you now my eye candy from The Reckless Shop? *BEAMS*

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Check out the rest of the collection on The Reckless Shop Facebook page. I love their clothes and I’m a total fan. One of these days, I’m so gonna buy the entire shop!!! }:p

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