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3 Oct 2013

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Not sure what possessed me recently to attend a makeup demo event for Urban Decay over the weekend as I don’t have an overwhelming interest in cosmetics, however it didn’t turn out to be all that bad as I got to learn more about Urban Decay, the American makeup brand whose motto is beauty with an edge.

Just from the brand name alone, you get the idea that this is an edgy company and their products are targeted to women who relish their individuality – feminine, dangerous and fun – and dare to express it. I’m familiar with their reputation of producing high-impact pigmented eyeshadows that are velvety to apply and long-lasting, but never actually bought anything from this brand before.

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

The makeup demo event itself is to introduce Urban Decay’s Vice 2 which is a luxe, sophisticated eyeshadow palette that’s is loaded with 20 all-new shades. This is a limited edition palette and every shade features Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System, a proprietary blend of ingredients that gives the formula a velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability.

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

First thing that I noticed is the luxe case that’s drenched in a pretty-but-edgy, abstract watercolor design. I found out that it’s been applied with a special tie dye-like process such that no two palettes are exactly alike and then topped off with a gunmetal jeweled UD icon. Ooh lala!

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

The 20 colors inside this Urban Decay Vice 2 palette range from dark taupey colors to satiny nudes and pinks to metallic brown shades, sporting iridescent micro-glitter and shimmery sparkles. Now that’d be swell to play around with and create a myriad of combinations for different effects. This, of course, I’m not an expert in. I mean, is it normal to feel overwhelmed seeing all these eyeshadow colors? That’s the feeling I get whenever I look at makeup but I’m willing to try this one out.

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Urban Decay ambassador and professional makeup artist, Steve Kassajikian, was at the demo event showing us how to use the Vice 2 palette. While I was chatting with him and brand manager Sylvia, who had both flown in from Cali just for this, it suddenly dawned on me that recently there was a makeup artist who used the wildly popular and best-selling Naked eye palette from Urban Decay on me for a social event!

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Whaaaaaaat. Look at what that makeup artist did for me, using just the Urban Decay Naked palette. My gawd, the difference is so dramatic. I was so impressed with the product she used that I thought to myself, “Hmm, maybe I should get me one of these and start learning how to put on eye makeup properly!” (instead of my normal slap-and-dash routine).

Since there’s been several other makeup artists who worked with me before, I kinda had a feeling that they probably also used Urban Decay eyeshadows on me previously. This brand’s eyeshadows seem to be quite a hit amongst professional makeup artists. However, I suffer from memory loss when it comes to remembering makeup brands so I can only recall the most recent instance.

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

After having personally experienced the eyeshadows from Urban Decay, I can see why Naked and Naked 2 are best-sellers at Urban Decay because the colors are neutral, yet the applications are very diverse: from office-appropriate look to summertime bronzy look, or sultry smokiness. And true to its brand claim, the eyeshadows indeed lasted the entire evening for me during that social event I went to. The colors really stuck onto my eyelids and stayed pigmented. No fading or smudging into the creases.

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Urban Decay - Singapore Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Now I’m really sold on getting the Naked palette from Urban Decay and also eager to play around with the Vice 2 colors as well. I think having one neutral palette and one dramatic palette from Urban Decay is enough eye makeup to last me an eternity as they have lasting pigment power after all so I don’t need to be using a lot and piling them onto my eyes. FYI, Urban Decay is available at Sephora Singapore and Vice 2 is priced at S$88.


5 Responses to Lush Eyeshadow Palettes from Urban Decay

  1. Carrie says:

    I have the Vice Palette and it is already incredible. I love the colours and how pigmented the shadows are.

    P.S: Vice II looks even better because it has so many matte looking neutrals. Thats soooo rare in a UD palette. I am SO GETTING THIS!

  2. Suzanna says:

    hmm now I want the get the Naked palette too! Naked or Naked 2… hard to choose!

  3. Giftcytk says:

    May I ask some question about The price Urnan decay vice 2 palete?
    How much is it?
    I don’t know to find the price of it in Sephora singapore.
    Please let me know about the price of vice 2 palete?
    Thank you so much.

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