Wagyu Beef Burger at Jones The Grocer

27 Apr 2011

I checked out Jones The Grocer at Mandarin Gallery yesterday and ended up having dinner there. The dinner menu wasn’t very elaborate so I settled for the Open-faced Wagyu Beef Burger which ended up blowing me away. It was amazingly delicious! i honestly didn’t expect it plus I’m not really a burger person to begin with. But I gotta say it’s one of the best burgers I’ve had in a while. The last time I went to Jones The Grocer, I had the roast beef sandwich which was yummy too.

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Burger time! *woot woot*

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For those who’s never heard of Jones The Grocer, it’s an Australian fancy-grocery-store-slash-deli-slash-cafe.

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They sell cheeses, wines, cured meats, pantry items, essentials such as olive oil, vinegar, etc. (Somehow kinda makes me miss Trader Joe’s in a way.)

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Open-faced Wagyu Beef Burger with Rocket and Jones Balsamic Onion. Served with freshly made mayonnaise and roasted potato wedges.

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When the plate first arrived, I was tempted to ask for ketchup but decided against it. So I sprinkled some natural pink salt flakes onto my potatoes, dipped it in the homemade mayo and wow! It turned out to be a really good combo. This entire dinner was so yummy I am inspired to make it at home one of these days. :9

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Natural pink salt flakes, which I loved so much I picked up a bag to bring home to add to my collection.

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The salt collection in my pantry, from left: Pa’akai Hawaiian Salt, Murray River Gourmet Pink Salt Flakes, Terre Exotique Sel Noir d’Hawaii, Terre Exotique Fleur de sel with Vanilla, Himalayan Rock Salt, Terre Exotique Diamond Salt with grater. :) Salty much? You bet!

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How gorgeous does this Hawaiian Black Salt look? My little bottle of black beauty. :) :) :) I want to sprinkle this, along with cracked white peppercorns, over omelette. So that the black bits are salty, while the white bits are peppery. ;p Cool, right? Like your eyes and tastebuds are punkin’ you out. Heh heh!

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  1. Kenny says:

    isn’t it a waste to eat wagyu beef in this way?

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