Weekends Are Made For This

22 Apr 2013

I’ve been making a conscious effort to slow down and shut down on weekends nowadays. I do this because I need to have my quiet emotional and mental space with as minimal anxiety as possible, and I don’t give a hoot if I end up disappointing people by flaking out or not replying to emails/messages etc. Some may frown upon that and pass judgements like, “That’s so selfish!” or “Such apathy!”. You know what? Those are precisely the sort of negative energies and intensity that I am distancing myself from. Besides, I’ve learned that it’s impossible to make other people happy if you aren’t happy with yourself first.

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Even though it appears as though I was “doing nothing” on my hermitic weekends, I’ve actually discovered quite a few gems through my reading and solo explorations online in these quiet moments alone. I got to read a funny cat prose penned by T.S. Eliot, I got to unwind with my down-beat ambient electronic grooves, I got to catch up on reading self-improvement/spiritual wellness articles and gleaned some insights. These are the little things that I like and enjoy, and have an interest in. I want to list them here for posterity’s sake so that I have a handy index to refer to next time.


If you’ve found yourself in the one-upmanship game of personal branding or the race to social media stardom, […] you need to stop–today–and evaluate the value your business is creating.

The Promise of the You Economy: It’s Not About You


We tend to seek to increase happiness by adding things (food, excitement, a warm bath, time with a loved one) but contentment is a skill that allows you to subtract things and still be content.

A Guide to Practical Contentment


The result would be a saner way of living, where we aren’t “working for the weekend” or looking forward to the little vacation time we have, but instead are happier throughout the week.

The Practice of Work Mind & Vacation Mind, Simultaneously


The best part about having “Me Time” on weekends is being able to bank in twelve hours of sleep and feel refreshed mentally, recharged physically, ready to tackle a new work week. As a creative, there is no “off” mode and I’m constantly soaking up information like a sponge. Taking the time to do things that are just for me, in my own pace and space, is important. No one’s gonna do it for me, only I can do it for myself. It is not a concept of luxury, but the preservation of sanity. Weekends are totally made for this! :)

What do you enjoy doing on weekends?

Being Moonberry,