Uh huh, Chinese People Love Chicken Feet

9 Sep 2011

Yeah, I know that Americans are apprehensive about chicken feet being an actual edible poultry part and probably find them the most disgusting thing ever to be served on the dining table. I personally happen to enjoy nibbling on these, especially the cartilage bits – yummy! Been craving some snacks recently and I remembered the ones I picked up at a Chinese supermarket earlier this year when I was in China for a sourcing trip. (That’s right, I meant Chinese supermarket to be an actual grocery store in China, rather than an Asian supermarket stocking imported Chinese goods. Although if you ask me, every Chinese supermarket worldwide needs to stock these. Tee hee.)

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Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers (this was soooo spicy but lip-smackingly addictive. MY FAVE!!!).
Picked Pork Rind with Picked Peppers.

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Salt-baked Chicken Wings and Spicy Chicken Cubes (both come in individual bite-sized vacuum pack).

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Marinated Beef Slices and Spicy Beef Tendons (also individually packed in bite-sized vacuum pack).

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Hand-Whacked Beef Balls in Spicy and Sha Cha flavors (the package indeed says these were hand-whacked for 60 minutes – presumably to achieve a tender texture with adequate springy-ness).

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Lay’s Potato Chips: Ice Lemon Tea flavour, Cucumber flavor and Blueberry flavor.


Yeah, I snack on weird stuff. They so delicious. Kekekeke~ And the best part is, you don’t get fat from munching on chicken feet. You’ll be loading up on collagen instead, hur hur hur.

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